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manonabeach® is proud to have financial support from the following businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk, listed by supported beach page.  Please use the send your answer menu  or email to find out more.  Click on each Supporter’s banner, below here, to learn about their business.  Also, see what the beach means to them, above their banner.

Benefits to new and renewing Supporters now include the following:

  • access to beach lovers in largely urban areas (24% London) who are looking forward to their return to your area and to enjoying your services and online products, with hundreds of thousands of hits to the site and being seen in 139 countries.
  • access to 2,000+ films from the archive, including over 1,000 narrative interviews, to use in your social media for customer retention and in your blog, like this example.  Why not use the manonabeach® question to engage with your customers?
  • a complimentary manonabeach® Interview Highlights DVD, to use in your business at your discretion, either in-house or for your customers.

Aldeburgh, Southwold, Orford, Shingle Street and Walberswick:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Whatever the mood, whoever I am with, there is a Suffolk beach to suit it.  For a day of fancy free, family fun I journey to Southwold; sandcastles, old fashioned penny slot machines, a good old fashioned afternoon tea or a glass of Adnams beer.  A more contemplative or romantic mood leads me south along the coastal path over the River Blyth to Walberswick and the Dingle Marshes, watching the Hen Harrier gliding through the endless skies, the reeds swaying in the sea breeze, the intricate colours of the heathland forest.  Aldeburgh suits a philosophical mood, the pull of the waves on the shingle, the call of the terns and Benjamin Britten’s sea interludes playing in one’s mind.

…John, Suffolk Cottage Holidays, below:

Suffolk Holidays

Thorpeness and Covehithe:

What does the beach mean to you…?

The beach is a true constant for me, like part of the family.  My fondest childhood memories are those where I have a bucket and spade in my hand, or those of eating slightly sandy sandwiches sitting proudly in a hole I’d just dug!  Now, as an adult whatever my mood, there is nowhere I’d rather be that the beach, be it with my own young family (still digging), or on my own when I crave the voice of the sea to offer me calm.

…Sally, Suffolk Secrets, below:

Suffolk Secrets

Thorpeness and Aldeburgh:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Thorpeness is no ordinary Suffolk village. Nearly a century ago, the architect, barrister and playwright, Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie set about creating a safe and healthy, fun packed holiday environment for his family and friends. This was a place where children could enjoy the magic and innocence of a traditional seaside holiday.

Today little has changed and the beach to us means exploring the fairy-tale location of Thorpeness in Suffolk and marvelling with friends and family at its charm and history.

…Claire, at Thorpeness Golf Club and Hotel, below:

Thorpeness Hotel and Golf Club

Wells-Next-The-Sea and Holkham:

Brig Square Holiday Cottages

Old Hunstanton and Burnham Overy Staithe:

What does the beach mean to you…?

The North Norfolk coast is like no other, especially come winter when the beaches are almost empty.  Stroll out over the grassy banks, through pine forests and tidal flanks, and you are met with wider than wide skies and sand as far as the eye can see.  Our beaches here give you a chance to breath, unwind and lose yourself.  I try and escape to them with my husband, children and collie as much as possible.  Who needs to dream when there’s such a true paradise on your doorstep?

…Lucy, Norfolk Country Cottages, below:

Norfolk Country Cottages


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach is a way to the sea.  My boat at Cley supplies much of our local produce direct from the sea, including crab and lobster.  There’s a sustainability to the whole process and to our part in the local community.  It’s all part of Cley.

…Glen, Cley Smokehouse, below:

Cley Smokehouse


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

I love the beach here in Sheringham and along the coast, with its beautifully clean stretches of sand washed daily by the incoming tide.  Summer or winter, a walk along the sea shore alone or with family is a pleasure and a privilege that I do not take for granted. Whether in the warm sunshine with the waves lapping gently nearby, or in a howling gale with the breakers crashing onto the shore, the sheer feeling of joy and freedom cannot be surpassed.

Louise, Keys Holidays, Sheringham, below:

Keys Holidays

Great Yarmouth:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

A dream and a goal of being able to retire and live on a beach that had everything on it that I needed, in close proximity, where I would never have to drive again, never wear shoes, had a temperature that only required me to wear shorts and have the pleasure of feeding the seagulls every morning.

Keith, 3 Norfolk Square, Great Yarmouth, below:

3 Norfolk Square


church cottage morston

Burnham Deepdale:



“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Having lived all my life within a few miles of the beach, and having a father who comes from the Shetland Islands I think it is completely in my blood. I almost get slightly anxious if I have not been ‘to the edge’ in a while.  The beach has always been a place of safety, of retreat in bad times.  A haven in fun times.  A thinking space, a creative space, somewhere to clear my head.  To just sit and be.  It is my go to place.  I have so many memories of the beach it is hard to pick out my favourite times, but I think the time my fiancé and myself bought two comfortable chairs, and took them down to the beach for the first time is certainly one of them.  We are getting on a bit and the rug on the sand was just not cutting it anymore, so we invested in the chairs.  We always BBQ and have a bottle of fizz handy and on this occasion we took our wet suits and had a moonlight swim, which was magical.  After the swim, BBQ and fizz we fell asleep in the chairs, it was a warm balmy night, and I woke up to a pitch black sky filled with stars, three hours later.  We somehow gathered all our stuff together and walked home feeling elated and alive.

…Penny, at Crabpot Cottages, below:

Crabpot Cottages


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

It is a great place to exercise the dogs beside the beach in those months when they aren’t allowed on it and on the beach for those months when they can enjoy it too. The fresh air and watching the waves is a great place to relax and an ice cream or two adds to the enjoyment.

…Mark and Samantha, K9kit, below:

K9 Kit


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Blakeney beach is a misnomer. There is no beach. Blakeney is a pretty
little village hugging the North Norfolk coast where in Tudor times large
merchant vessels used to dock. Now, apart from the ferry taking visitors
to see the seals at Blakeney point, it is a mooring for many little
sailing boats impatiently waiting for the tide to cast off on their next
adventure. The channel is surrounded by flats with samphire and sea
lavender, the sounds are of the tide and birdsong, the smells are of the
sea and the wild herbs crushed underfoot. It is a haven from the world, a
place to get away from the crowds, to walk and feel at one with nature, re
charge and re invigorate.

…Lynda, Hindringham Hall, below:

Hindringham Hall


North Norfolk Holiday Cottages


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

I grew up by the sea in Portballintrae, just across the beach from the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. So the beach brings back fond memories as a child racing down the sand dunes; camping out and making bonfires on the beach; swimming in all weathers; having the wind blow through my hair and enjoying the sense of freedom.

As an adult whenever I got stressed at work I would go and get a beach ‘fix’; the wind would clear my head and the sense of infinity would restore my soul.

Nowadays, since my husband died and I have a little dog (Zuki) the beach has another purpose. I now have a caravan at Wells-next-the-Sea and Zuki and I take long walks on the huge expanse of dog friendly beach all the way to Holkham and play ball endlessly – I am refreshed and we are both content. After our walk and play it is a stop at the dog friendly Wells Beach Café for Zuki’s favourite sausage roll. There are so many dog friendly places in Wells and Holkham for us to enjoy and the beaches are dog friendly all year round.

The beach is where I feel at home; at peace and immensely happy and it is great to have my little dog by my side to enjoy it with me.

…Hazel, at Have Dog Can Travel, below:

Have Dog Can Travel

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