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St Mawes, Place, Portscatho, Porthcurnick, Portloe and Percuil Freshwater:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Percuil Freshwater – The Percuil Beach is a particular favourite of mine as our house overlooks the Percuil Creek and the beach is the first one we see when we go for one of our pleasant evening walks down the creek. With the active boat yard it is a hub of activity with lots of things always happening. – Andrew.

Place – Place is a great place that generates a lot of interest as the property is seen and commented on by all visitors to St Mawes and something we are lucky enough to be able to sit and see from our office window on the Quay in St Mawes. From our office window we can also see the steady stream of visitors taking the ferry over to Place each day to go and enjoy the building, gardens and beach. – Jane.

St Mawes – The Portscatho Holidays team are very lucky in that our offices above Lloyds Bank in the middle of St Mawes have views to the front over the harbour beach and down towards Summers Beach and to the side out towards Falmouth and the open sea.  This means that we are very keen observers of the ferry and boat traffic that comes in and out of the harbour and if we need any confirmation of just how good the St Mawes weather is we can check the level of sunbathing activity on the beach at any point during the day. – Andrew.

Portscatho – I love the beach at Portscatho as it has a lot to offer the family, sand for building sandcastles, rock pools for crabbing, out of season dog walking  – Beverley.

Porthcurnick is a beautiful sandy beach where dogs are allowed all year, rock pools for crabbing and of course the Hidden Hut for refreshments or feast nights – Beverley.

Colleagues at Portscatho Holidays, below:

Portscatho Holidays

Kynance Cove, Mullion Cove, Church Cove, Cadgwith Cove and Lizard Point:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

A total escape from everyday issues. No matter how big the problem, the constancy of the waves can make it feel smaller.

…Kate, at Franchis Holiday Park and The Meadow, Mullion, below:

Franchis Holiday Park banner


Gyllyngvase, Castle and Swanpool:

Hotel Anacapri Limited

Molunan, Towan Roseland and Porthbeor:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beaches of Molunan and Porthbeor are so much part of my life that it’s difficult to describe what they mean to me.  In my childhood and when my own two boys were young, they were places for picnics, swimming, boats and always family, cousins galore.   I remember hot summer days walking back up from Porthbeor beach in bare feet and looking back down, wishing I were still there.  I hated having to say goodbye.

I love their wild romance in the winter and spring and enjoy looking at the views which are ever changing but always breathtakingly beautiful.  I think Byron put in words what I feel about the beach and the coast and I am reminded of them when I am going for a walk and looking down on these beaches:

‘There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore,

There is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar:

I love not man the less, but nature more, from these our interviews, in which I steal

From all I may be, or have been before, to mingle with the universe, and feel

What I can ne’er express, yet cannot all conceal. ‘

I love swimming off Molunan or Porthbeor in the early morning, before breakfast, with my sister, when the sea is as clear as glass and there is no-one around except for us, and when our boys, who are now in their twenties, join us, there is really nothing to beat it.

And every beach I go to, whether abroad or here in the UK, has to be really special to match these two beaches.  I have been spoilt!  Such happy, happy, memories.

…Miranda, at St. Anthony-in-Roseland Cottages, below:

St Antony-in-Roseland Cottages

Porthluney, Pentewan and Porthpean:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach is a place of infinite possibilities. It’s a place to play, a place full of adventure, and a place to relax and unwind. From tranquil summer days when you can’t wait to run down to the water’s edge to dip your toes, to bracing winter walks watching the waves race to the shore – the beach is ever changing, and always inviting.

…Fiona, at Bosinver Farm Cottages, below:

Bosinver Cottages banner

Perranporth and Holywell Bay:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

From early morning walks with the dogs, to picnics, rock pooling and sand castle building with the kids, the beaches in Cornwall are by far the best place to go to relax, energise and have endless fun with all of the family, including the dogs.

…Caroline, at Chynhale Barns Cottages, Callestick, below:

Daymer Bay and Port Quin:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Daymer Bay has a lovely beach for young children, gentle waves, golden sand, rock pools, ice creams and a picnic lunch, toilets and a lot of boats, passing back and forward out to sea.

It’s great for walking with friends, circular walks on both sides of the beach to Rock or Polzeath to lunch.  We have seen dolphins from the cliff path many times and lovely sea pinks and yellow, rust, pink ferny flowers in summer.  It looks best in the early evening, when the tide is in, on a beautiful sunny day.

…Jill, at Tolraggott Farm, below:

Poldhu Cove and Polurrian Cove:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Poldhu beach, to me, means home.

The way that view just hits you as you come round the corner at the top of the hill, it just takes your breath away.
I grew up here in Mullion, so Poldhu holds a certain amount of nostalgia for me. My parents used to take me down when I was a child and I quickly developed an obsession looking for sea shells. Equally as quickly though, I formed a strong dislike for sea weed, when my brother started to chase me with it trying to get it in my hair or around my legs. My favourite thing, when going to Poldhu as a child was the overwhelming, nostril engulfing smell of sea weed, salt water and suntan lotion. Second to that was my treat of a toffee crumble ice lollie from the fabulous cafe down there. As I got older, I remember lazy summer days there with friends and tipsy evenings with the same friends. I can see why visitors are compelled to come back, year after year. Some even love it so much they move to this corner of the world. To me, Poldhu means memories, good times, friends and family. Poldhu means home.

…Hayley, at The Galleon, Mullion, below:

The Galleon, Churchtown, Mullion

Cadgwith and Church Cove:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach means to me an ongoing, ever changing picture – no two days are the same.

…Debbie, at Cadgwith Cove Cottages, below:

cadgwith cottages

Restronguet Passage and Mylor Churchtown:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach is my childhood. Whether turning stones to see what I could find, or catching eels and crabs from the pontoon. Also, the old oyster fishermen featured heavily in my early years. Restronguet Creek is home. I just love it.

Martin, at Creekside Cottages, below:

Creekside Cottages banner

Coverack and Interview Highlights:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach to me is a chance to draw breath, to focus thoughts and to spend time with loved ones.

…Rebecca, at Cliffside Coverack, below:

Crantock and Polly Joke:


Porthcurno and Sennen Cove:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”


The colours of the sea at Porthcurno never cease to amaze me – the white sand is made up almost entirely of tiny, 30,000 year old seashells which extend well below the water line, giving the sea a bright turquoise colour – you could be mistaken for thinking you are in the Caribbean.  Having travelled the world during my time with British Airways, Porthcurno beach is hard to beat!

Sennen Cove

For many years I had to commute to London every week to work.  Weekends spent on Sennen beach, with the smell of ozone in the air, the soft sand underfoot, swimming in the sea on a warm day or watching the surfers who were there in all winds and weathers – this was what revived me enough to get back in the car on a Sunday night.  Now I’m back here full time, I realise how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

Liz, at First and Last Cottages, below:

First and Last Cottages

Rinsey Cove and Porthleven:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach gives you a real sense of being a part of a much bigger world. Standing on the shoreline looking out to sea – there is so much more to be explored. It gives you a sense of place, encourages contemplation and a breath of sea air cleanses the soul like meditation in a liquid form. The cathartic massage of sand under the soles of your feet, the stark contrast from the built environment, the sound of nothing but the sea all combine to make a magical medicine that can cure all ills. I love being on the beach.

Adam, at Classic Cottages, below:

Lostwithiel and Lansallos:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

For Lansallos Beach:

I think of Lansallos as our “secret” beach, approached by a magical tunnel path, loved by all generations of my family.  It is a place of reassuring and unspoilt beauty, on an intimate scale.  I feel an overwhelming sense of belonging with many happy memories of family time here.   The sea shimmers and soothes the soul in summer, and is wild and invigorating in Winter.

It is a place where both frenetic family activity and peaceful contemplation is possible all at the same time.  Dogs frolic madly, families rock pool and wave chase and stone skim and swim, and the smooth rocks offer up sun-trap nooks in which to hide away and read and soak it all in.

For Lostwithiel:

I come to Lostwithiel to shop for every day things, or to browse in the many antique shops or plant shopping in the Duchy Nursery.  But most often, for the glorious walks through the woods up on Restormel Hill, with breathtaking views over the valley.

…Sarah-Jane, at Penpoll Cottage, below:

Penpoll Self-Catering Cottage

Porthtowan and Portreath:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

It means everything, absolutely everything. It’s love, life, friendship and family.

Natalie, at North Coast Holiday Cottages, below:

North Coast Holiday Cottages

Mullion Cove and Kynance Cove:

Boscastle and Summerleaze, Bude:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Summerleaze Beach means many things to me. I have such lovely memories of walks with my late Grandfather who loved nothing more than to spend time on the beach and the Breakwater watching the waves crashing in.

As a child my family and I spent many holidays playing on the sand, swimming in the sea pool or jumping the waves in the sea!

As a teenager and by that time now living in Bude, many lazy days were enjoyed just sunbathing in the secluded sand dunes whilst listening to the radio!

In recent years, as a Mum, I have spent many a day crabbing or body boarding with my children.

These days I enjoy nothing more than an early morning walk with my dog taking in the tranquillity and sheer beauty of the area.

Bridget, at Breakwater Holidays, below:

Breakwater Holidays

Polzeath and Rock:


Kingsand Cawsand and Whitsand Bay:

What does the beach mean to you…?

There is something about arriving on the beach and being close to the sea which cannot be felt anywhere else. It is an odd sense of peace and gives a sense of personal perspective even- or perhaps especially -when the waves are crashing and the wind is howling!
Whatever the time of year the beach and sea create this for me. There is no place like it.

David and Paula, at Chough Cottage, below:

Chough Cottage

Carne and Portholland:

Hay Barton B&B

St Ives:

Talland Bay:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

I tend to find a clean flat pristine beach rather uninteresting …… To me the beach means flotsam & jetsam, seaweed, seashells, fishing boat floats, fender & buoys, random plastics, rope, driftwood & sea-worn & smoothed colored pieces of glass ….. They are the beach’s treasures it gives up to us …. I fill my house & garden with these treasures …. & cannot resist picking them up whenever, wherever I find them.

…June, at Talland Beach Cottages, below:

Talland Beach Cottages


Jane, at Jane Adams Ceramics, below, was interviewed on the Porthcurno page for her answer to the question “What does the beach mean to you..?”

Jane Adams Ceramics

Readymoney Cove, Fowey:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Just the perfect place for lovely lazy summer days and evenings spent with family and friends playing boule and bbq’s till the sun goes down.
It is a place where you can be calm watching the gentle waves, or sit and marvel at the winter storms. A place to gather thoughts and fill your lungs with wonderful fresh air.

…Suzanne and Trevor, at Fowey Cottages, below:


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Gylly Beach means walking your dog on a bright winter’s day; it means enjoying food with friends on a hot summer’s day; it means talking strolls in howling winds, watching people scream as they run in for a quick dunk. Its a meeting place, a place to forget the worries of the day, a place to visit, a place to put the smile back on your face and by far a place to escape.

…Mark, at Gylly Beach cafe, below:

gylly beach cafe banner

Carne, Roseland:

Vose Farm Holiday Cottages


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Porthcurnick beach, very safe, easily accessible with plenty of parking nearby. Plenty of sand, particularly at low tide, and no dangerous currents or tides. Great place to take the lads pre-season rugby training. A five minute walk from the centre of Portscatho.

…Andy, at A.R. Day, Portscatho, below:

A.R.Day Butchers


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Perranuthnoe beach is very special to me. It’s where I spent most days with my children when they were small, playing in the sand and learning to swim and then surf. It holds many happy memories. It’s a wonderful family beach and the whole area has a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing feel to it.

…Lesley, at The Cabin, Perranuthnoe, below:

The Cabin banner

Penzance Mounts Bay:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach a place where I’m reminded that all my problems are so small that they’re not worth worrying about – it puts everything into perspective. The waves will come and go, the tide-line will move and no amount of worrying will stop them. Flinging off my shoes and losing a couple of hours throwing a ball for the dog or paddling about in rock pools is like therapy, I always leave the beach happy and content with the world.

…Emily, at Pure nuff stuff, below:

;Pure Nuff Stuff

St Just in Roseland:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

It’s a great place to unwind and watch the world go by.  There’s always something going on – either folks enjoying themselves or wonderful wildlife to watch.

Barbara and Mark, at Roundhouse Barn Holidays, St Just in Roseland, below:

Roundhouse Barn Holidays


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Nina answers the question in her filmed Guest Answer for manonabeach®, here

…Nina, at Caroline Cottage, Mousehole, below:

Caroline Cottage

St Anthony-in-Meneage:


hayle holidays

Interview Highlights:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

To me the beach means FREEDOM, escape, mind clearing solace! I have always been lucky enough to live close to the beach & love lots of watersports, for me it’s a great place to escape & reflect. But most importantly to have a fantastic walk with Harvey Hound. For Harvey the beach means, hours of manic filled fun, unusual smells with the feel of cold, soft sand between his paws, lapping waves to play in & to his sheer delight miles upon miles of ballie throwing fun!.

…Tiffany, at The Good Dog Guide, below:

Good Dog Guide

Prussia Cove:

Cuddan Rose

Praa Sands:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

For us, the beach means well-being; a time to take a breath, look to the horizon, dip a toe (or more) into the revitalising sea and spend time connecting back to nature and to ourselves.

…Stef, at Boutique Retreats, below:

Boutique Retreats

Trebarwith Strand:

Penpethy Holiday Cottages

Lamorna Cove:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Overlooking the Helford River are a handful of beautiful, National Trust Cornish cottages that surround my favourite place in the world; Durgan beach. Our family Sunday ritual is to walk from Durgan beach along the coastal path on our way to the Ferryboat Inn for our Sunday roast. My husband has played on Durgan beach since he was a child and rowed in Gigs at the annual summer Durgan Regatta. As a dog-friendly beach all year, our dogs love to play in the waves before trotting onwards towards the warm pub fireplace.

…Harriet Well, Marketing Manager for Above Beach Cottages, below:

Pendower, Roseland:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Pendower is a dynamic beach as the stream changes course
and alters the layout of the beach. In winter I love to paddle in my wellies
and in summer its so close to visit and enjoy a swim and the wonderful
views of the bay and Nare Head.

…Rachel, at Trelagossick Farm Cottages, below:



Port Isaac:

Polridmouth :

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Polridmouth is a beautiful, sheltered haven, from which to watch the ever changing canvas of maritime life and relax in one of the most beguiling seaside locations in Cornwall .

…Pauline, at Estuary Cottages in Fowey, below:


Church Cove, Gunwalloe:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

…We first discovered Church Cove many years ago when our children were young. They loved playing on the beach and in the rockpools. The stream that runs through the beach always proves popular with children playing. One of the tributaries starts at Lower Tregiddle Holiday Cottages and ends up on the beach. No matter what the season Church Cove has a magical feel, where else can you find a beautiful old church on the beach!

…Pauline & Richard, at Lower Tregiddle Holiday Cottages, below:

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