Hampshire & Isle of Wight Supporters

manonabeach® is proud to have financial support from the following businesses in Hampshire and The Isle of Wight, listed by supported beach page.  Please use the send your answer menu  or email info@manonabeach.com to find out more.  Click on each Supporter’s banner, below here, to learn about their business.  Also, see what the beach means to them, above their banner.

Benefits to new and renewing Supporters now include the following:

  • access to beach lovers in largely urban areas (24% London) who are looking forward to their return to your area and to enjoying your services and online products, with hundreds of thousands of hits to the site and being seen in 159 countries.
  • access to over 2,500 films from the archive, including over 1,300 narrative interviews, to use in your social media for customer retention and in your blog, like this example.  Why not use the manonabeach® question to engage with your customers?
  • a complimentary manonabeach® Interview Highlights DVD, to use in your business at your discretion, either in-house or for your customers.

Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight :

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach gives you a real sense of being a part of a much bigger world. Standing on the shoreline looking out to sea – there is so much more to be explored. It gives you a sense of place, encourages contemplation and a breath of sea air cleanses the soul like meditation in a liquid form. The cathartic massage of sand under the soles of your feet, the stark contrast from the built environment, the sound of nothing but the sea all combine to make a magical medicine that can cure all ills. I love being on the beach.

Adam, at Classic Cottages, below:

Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire :

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Being able to come down to the beach at a moment’s notice is such a luxury, having been brought up in the suburbs of London. Barton on Sea  is a quiet spot at all times of the year – meaning a peaceful walk or sitting on the rocks, watching the waves.  It gives me the chance to escape the everyday.

Liz, at Inglewood Cottage, below:

Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire :

Bembridge, Isle of Wight :

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

For me, the beach is somewhere to walk bare foot in the morning before going to work.  To enjoy the ever changing view, to hear the waves and feel the different seasons, to watch the dogs play on the beach and now, very proud to be able to offer fabulous  holiday homes, many dog friendly, to families who would like to holiday on the East Coast of the Isle of Wight.

Annabel, at HB Holiday Lettings, below:

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight :

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

I was lucky to grow up with the sounds and a view of the sea; the beach means happiness to me.

Roma, at Three Gables Holidays, below: