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On a beach welcome to manonabeach®, where you can enjoy beach visits and a flavour of the beach when you’re not there via interviews asking

“What does the beach mean to you?”

The series celebrates the elemental power of the beach, where the air, land and sea meet.  The beach interviews showcase its profound effect on people, whether enhancing creativity, decision making and energy levels, being restorative and settling, as part of a routine or a reference point through generations, perhaps representing freedom, an escape or just fun.

In these narratives, beachgoers share their perceptions and recollections, all drawn out by the enhancing effect of the beach.

manonabeach® is a registered UK trade mark No. UK00002650181,  All rights are reserved. Legal information can be seen here.

Here are some sample answers from beachgoers:


Dean’s work place at Aldeburgh in Suffolk, beach page here.


What the beach means to Sarah at Portscatho in Cornwall, beach page here.


Suzanne describes a special place for special times at Towan beach on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, beach page here.


Watching the passage of the visitors at Portloe in Cornwall, beach page here.


A special place through time, with Ruth at Wells-Next-The-Sea in North Norfolk, beach page here.


Gabriel salutes a geological showcase at Durdle Door in Dorset, beach page here.


Peter sets the geographical and historical scene at Winchelsea in East Sussex, beach page here.

8 thoughts on “about manonabeach®

  1. Cath

    I went and collected my paints and headed to the beach in the crazy stormy weather today… very uplifting, made scribbles on the paper with paint then all was good with me, bliss… snow pellets beating on my back… sometimes I love winter ‘cos I know we shouldn’t have it anymore! and it might go at any moment.

  2. Mike Glenn

    I really enjoy what you are doing with this project. I live in Manchester and visit Cornwall as much as I can. Keep up the good work , as it is appreciated over 300 miles away!
    Mike in Manchester.
    Ps we love Gorran Haven

  3. Jen

    We met yesterday on Horton beach just up from Port Eynon, you are doing something wonderful with this website and spoke very kind and inspirational words to us! Growing up with a beach on our doorsteps makes us feel very lucky, we forget that some people don’t see the beach from year to year.

  4. Andy Davidson

    Lovely to meet you and discover this wonderful website. It’ll be a regular jaunt when I’m far from my beloved Cornwall. Thank you for such a unique connection to a magical place

  5. Helen Smith

    You can almost feel the sand beneath your feet, a truly inspirational site.
    I now live in the Lake District but originate from Hampshire, I do miss walking along the beach on a windy weekend….thank you for sharing your visits!

  6. Jen

    Hi, we met on Tentsmuir beach this morning- the ones with the grumpy Jack Russell. Lovely to meet you and I hope you found someone to film. I wish I’d been a bit braver now! We regularly go to the beaches around Arbroath and Dundee, they’re usually empty, peaceful and stunning. The changes in light can be amazing and I wish I was talented enough to capture them. For us as a family, a run around on the beach coupled with a cup of tea from our trusty flask constitutes a great trip out. We have even been known to have a BBQ in January. Beaches calm you down, cheer you up and generally do you good.

  7. Jan


    This is Jan and Ann from London, we met at Strathy, one of our fav beach as absolutely beautiful. The beach is one of the best places to be at and we are lucky to be able to see it.

  8. Katia

    It was lovely meeting you in Yarmouth. What a beautiful project! This website makes you want to go on adventures exploring the beautiful coastline. Living on the Isle of Wight means that we are never too far from the water. The beach means space and peace. I love the colours, textures and moods throughout the different seasons. It is my inspiration!


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