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manonabeach® is proud to have financial support from the following businesses in Moray, Banffshire, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Angus, listed by supported beach page.  Please use the send your answers menu  or email to find out more.  Click on each Supporter’s banner, below here, to learn about their business.  Also, see what the beach means to them, above their banner.

Benefits to new and renewing Supporters now include:

  • access to beach lovers in largely urban areas (24% London) who are looking forward to their return to your area and to enjoying your services and online products, with hundreds of thousands of hits to the site and being seen in 160 countries.
  • access to over 2,500 films from the archive, including over 1,300 narrative interviews, to use in your social media for customer retention and in your blog, like this example.  Why not use the manonabeach® question to engage with your customers?

Lunan Bay, St Cyrus and Montrose:

Newburgh and Sands of Forvie:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Newburgh beach is easily accessible, with safe off road parking for dogs and children alike.  After a short walk through the sand dunes, you reach the estuary of the river Ythan and what a fantastic view that is!  You are greeted by flocks of wading birds and eider ducks calling to each other, mixed in with the barks of the seals basking on the banks of the river.  A ten minute walk takes you to the shore and all stresses and worries are swept away by the clean sea air.  I usually then walk back through the impressive sand dunes, climbing to the top to wonder at the unspoilt view of Newburgh beach.  Highly recommended to one and all!

…Pippa, at Perkhill Holiday Cottages, Aberdeenshire, below:

Perkhill Holiday Cottages

Spey Bay:

“What does the beach mean to you..?”

The beach is a place of calm, regardless of the weather conditions. The unbridled energy of the storms and the shingle moving in the waves and swell has a calming, sonorous rhythm. The sea at peace with itself and barely moving in the summer sun allows you to breathe in deeply and watch the birds and dolphins dive for fish. At night it is a great place to watch the stars and ships passing by; small fishing boats and cruise liners glittering in the darkness, with flashes of light along the coast as the lighthouses send out warning messages. I like it!

…Fiona, at Heather Lea Cottage in Kingston on Spey, Moray, below:


“What does the beach mean to you..?”

Taking a walk along the beach and getting sand in my toes. Listening to the sound of the waves and watching them energetically crash against the cliffs. The noisy seagulls overhead and taking in the smell of the seaweed. The beach casts up so many childhood memories of building sand castles and spending time with my family. I love that our beautiful Stonehaven beach is only a 15 minute walk from Dalriada Luxury Lodges. Our guests can spend time in the secluded coves or leisurely walking along the boardwalk towards the harbour. There really is a perfect spot for everyone visiting the area to relax, enjoy and admire the beauty.

…Kelly, at Dalriada Luxury Lodges, Stonehaven, below:

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