Welcome to manonabeach®, featuring well over a thousand filmed answers to the question What does the beach mean to you…? along with films that set the scene. There are examples below, with maps to explore on the right and menus at the top, where you can order your copy of my first book The British Beach Guide, published by Whittles. Here are some samples from the maps on the right:

A historical perspective on life in the Western Isles, with Robert at Vatersay, beach page here.
A proximity to nature, with Roisin at Rackwick Bay on Hoy in Orkney, beach page here.
The beach through a lifetime, with Geoff at Rhossili on Gower in Wales, beach page here.
The pull of the beach through time, with Claire at Kingsand Cawsand in Cornwall, beach page here.
A sense of pride in your environment over a lifetime, with Dave at Huisinis beach on North Harris in Scotland, beach page here.
Guest answer from Tim at Shingle Street in Suffolk, beach page here.  Send your own answer here.
A sensory, historical and cultural perspective, with Sarah at Skinnet beach in Sutherland, beach page here.
A life built around the beach, with Iain at Port Ellen on Islay, beach page here.
The elemental appeal of the beach, with David at Porthmeor beach in St Ives, Cornwall, beach page here.
The beach as an escape, with Liz at Sheringham in Norfolk, beach page here.
Fishing all the way, the recollections of Norman James Woodland at Selsey Bill in West Sussex, beach page here.
“…and now the beach is us.”, with Andy, Katie, Mark, Sonya, Nana and Hattie at Chesil Beach in Dorset, beach page here.
Denis takes us back in time at Cushendun in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, beach page here.
All life is connected, with Nina at Linklet Bay on Orkney, beach page here.

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  1. Andy Halden

    Living in the Midlands is very frustrating for a sea lover like me but your site will keep me going between my visits. When little as a family we headed for Woolacombe – lovely . Now we’re a little older Cornwall’s the way. Coverack, St Ives, etc. etc . Love the site.

  2. Emma

    Living in Cumbria means I’ve got the best of both worlds. The beauty of the expansive hills and the vast coastline. My new job is to safeguard the water quality of our beaches in Morecambe Bay. With it’s tidal bore, birds a plenty, it’s an amazing stretch of coastline.

  3. Sophie

    As an Anthropology graduate I am interested in the theory that early hominids went through a period of coastal living, developing certain physical attributes such as fat on our limbs that is lacking in other mammal species. Hunter-gatherers would certainly migrate to the sea shore to find seabird eggs and gather shell-fish at certain periods such as the low spring tides and summer months. This would enable the animals they normally trapped and hunted inland to enjoy a breeding period.

  4. Shona

    Oh, the beaches on Lewis are everything to me. The Atlantic rolls in and it can be so wild and invigoratiing – I forget everything and get lost in it. At other times the beach is a sanctuary, somewhere to work things out when I don’t know which way to turn. The beach has always been there for me and it always will be. We come and go, it remains.

  5. Amanda

    The beach for me is always a great place to visit to feel truly relaxed and refreshed, guaranteed to make you smile! The beach is a place where I can relive my childhood memories through my own children, having fun days out on the beach building sandcastles, looking for buried treasure, paddling in the sea and finding pretty stones and shells. There are so many great beaches to choose from in the Northumberland area, you will be spoilt for choice!

  6. Jane

    Beaches conjure up so many happy family holidays. Sunbathing, swimming, sandcastles, sailing, cricket, walking, wildlife etc. Blue skies, sea and calm water or grey, windy and crashing waves! All the different moods of nature and the wonderful feeling of having cobwebs blown away and being completely refreshed in mind and body. Sometimes it is the peacefulness of gently lapping waves on the shore which are sophorific and give rise to deep thoughts. Other times it is just relaxing to walk near the sea and watch others enjoying themselves. We love living near the sea and really enjoy holidays that involve beaches!

  7. Daniela Gope

    Wonderful site, how do you get all this info?I have read a couple of posts on your site and I love your style. Thanks a million, keep up the good work.

  8. Nigel

    Thank you for the book Ian, it’s very impressive.
    Very well written and put together.
    And has given me ideas for holidays in the future!!


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