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manonabeach® is proud to have financial support from the following businesses in Devon, listed by supported beach page.  Please use the send your answer menu  or email to find out more.  Click on each Supporter’s banner, below here, to learn about their business.  Also, see what the beach means to them, above their banner.

Benefits to new and renewing Supporters now include the following:

  • access to beach lovers in largely urban areas (24% London) who are looking forward to their return to your area and to enjoying your services and online products, with hundreds of thousands of hits to the site and being seen in 139 countries.
  • access to 2,000+ films from the archive, including over 1,000 narrative interviews, to use in your social media for customer retention and in your blog, like this example.  Why not use the manonabeach® question to engage with your customers?
  • a complimentary manonabeach® Interview Highlights DVD, to use in your business at your discretion, either in-house or for your customers.

Seaton, Beer, Branscombe and Budleigh Salterton:

Pitt Farm Cottages

Hope Cove and Salcombe South Sands:

“What does the beach mean to you…?”

Hope Cove is one of my favourite places on earth. 10 years ago I didn’t even know it existed, only camping nearby with friends purely by chance. That was Easter 2007. Now we own a beautiful house within walking distance of Hope Cove. Ever since they were born, our children have spent many holidays and weekends there, digging, rock pooling, dam building and exploring . It never fails to capture their imagination.

So for me, Hope Cove is a special place where I have spent the most amazing times with my family and friends just having outdoor fun. No mobile reception to interfere. A great pub to retreat to afterwards along with a lovely bistro next door. And as if all that wasn’t enough the Post Office next to the beach does the most amazing pasties and sausage rolls.

A special place at any time of year.

John, at Spring Barn, Bolberry Court, below:

Spring Barn at Bolberry Court

Saunton Sands and Woolacombe:

“What does the beach mean to you…?”

Saunton Sands and Woolacombe are two of my favourite places in the world. The beach gives me a real sense of being a part of a much bigger world. I love being on the beach – whatever time of the day and whatever season of the year. The beaches in Devon offer an incredible sense of calm which allow you to unwind and lose yourself. There is nowhere I’d rather be than on the beach. Hoorah for Devon beaches, what a lucky lot we are…

Catherine, at Marsdens Devon Cottages, below:

Marsdens Devon Cottages

Dawlish Warren:

“What does the beach mean to you…?”

Fun and Friends.

Kerri, at Langstone Cliff Hotel, below:

Langstone Cliff Hotel

Blackpool Sands:

Watermill Cottages

Salcombe South Sands:


Bantham Sand:

Bantham Holiday Cottages

Mill Bay:

South Allington House

Slapton Sands:

Buckland Court Holiday Cottages

Blackpool Sands:

Channel View Guest House

Croyde Bay:

“What does the beach mean to you…?”

Being on a beach by the ocean means being part of nature’s force. The salty air, the light, the vastness of the open sky and the feel of the cool water as you dive through the waves and swim out invigorates us all…from the youngest to the oldest.   Combine all those wonderful elements with a place we are lucky to call home and Croyde means the best place to be, whatever the season. When new visitors book into our B&B or beach cottages, and take their first stroll on the beach, they soon fall under Croyde’ s magic spell.

Jenny, at Croyde Breaks, below:

Croyde Breaks

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