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Season: autumn

A bright, sunny morning at Boscastle for this visit.  On a high tide, the harbour looked splendid.  The town has been fully renovated since the floods and has all the facilities you would want, including shops, accommodation and plenty of parking.


Jack was a font of historical knowledge about Boscastle, explaining the reciprocal trade between Cornwall and South Wales (tin for coal) and Cornish trading with the Phoenicians (tin for saffron from India).

Breakwater Holidays


The harbour at Boscastle from above, at high tide.

Season: spring

It was a blustery morning at Boscastle for this re-visit.   Tourism businesses were putting the final touches towards welcoming seasonal visitors.  I went to the harbour entrance, a wonderful natural setting, offering some shelter from the Atlantic, yet still needing extensive walls and sea defences.  With the tide out, I walked through the shallow river to the small beach with artist Helen, who, like so many people, draws inspiration and materials for her work from the beach.  In the lea of the harbour wall, on the beach there was a protective serenity.

Spring visit photo


Helen explains what the beach means to her.


The passage of the sea, from the Atlantic towards Boscastle.

Season: summer

This morning re-visit found Boscastle’s harbour, on a full tide, cloaked in shades of grey.  Contrast was offered by the bright white of the breaking waves against the black rock walls of the natural harbour entrance, as the sea is turned right by the geology.  Further up the channel, the calm sea provided a gentle backdrop to my chat with Ruth, who lives above the harbour and fishes from it.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Ruth, who explains her love for the sea.


With visitor Neville, expounding the virtues of New Zealand’s beaches and their uses.


At the entrance to Boscastle’s natural harbour.

2 thoughts on “Boscastle

  1. James

    We love Boscastle beach, because it is the epitome of Cornish beauty. We love the stunning natural harbour that encompasses the scents and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean. Boscastle can also boast some of the finest views in the British Isles. What more could you wish for?

  2. Kate

    Offering immeasurable space, the beach stirs the mind, body and soul unlike any other location. The freedom it provides to run, play or just meander can be found nowhere else.

    The sights, smells and sounds are unique. They are held in the memories of any child who has dipped their toes in the lapping waves, skimmed a pebble across the surf, or encountered the joy of melting, sand covered ice cream, dripping down their chin.

    Proposals are written in the sand by hopeful young men, dogs leap like racehorses across the dunes. The day’s worries are washed away like the broken shells caught in the swell. The beach gives us time to reflect, to be inspired, to enjoy.


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