Porthcurno beach

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Season: winter

The tide was falling away on this popular Cornish beach, considered by many to be the finest in the county, giving access to the adjacent satellite beaches.  The low midday sun lit the valley behind the beach and the white horses that topped the sets of rolling waves.  Visitors and locals alike were walking off the Christmas festivities and looking forward to a bright New Year.  They couldn’t have found a finer spot.

Winter visit photo gallery


A deep affection for the beach.
Jane Adams Ceramics


The stunning vista at Porthcurno beach.

Season: spring

A bright day with a rising tide was the order of the day at Porthcurno beach.  A calm sea shone silver, the breakers almost translucent as they arched and fell on the golden sand.  This is a magical beach in any weather and season.  You could sense the pressure lifting from beachgoers’ shoulders as they walked the beach or sat gazing out to sea.

Spring visit photo gallery


The rhythms of nature at the beach for Jane.


By the majestic sea at Porthcurno beach on a rising tide.

Season: summer

It was bright sunshine all the way for this return to the celebrated Porthcurno beach in West Penwith.  As the tide fell away, you could still find seaweed goodwill messages, to be read from the Minack theatre above by this year’s visiting actors.  Many people were on the beach and a harmonious atmosphere pervaded the little groups.  The enhancing benefit of this magical place was almost palpable.

Summer visit photo gallery


Ellie and Abigail, from the University of London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, enjoying the beach.


Eamon and Tommy from the Peter Pan production team, working at the Minack Theatre.


Simon’s assessment of the beach.


Honeymooners Trish and Geoff on the steps above Porthcurno beach.


A beautiful beach in the morning.

Season: spring

This is one of the most beautiful, natural beaches in Cornwall.  It feels pristine and untouched.  This visit at low tide gave access to the two beaches round to the east, where I was also able to film.

Spring visit photo


By the water at Porthcurno beach.


On the small beach next to Porthcurno.


With Cherry, who explains the harmonising qualities of the beach to her.


Charlotte’s straightforward celebration.

Season: autumn

This is the most well known Penwith beach, located next to the Minack Theatre, which is carved into the cliffs above.  The beach still has the tiny cable house, designed to help send telegrams to America, standing at the head of the beach.  There is a nearby choice of large car parks with toilets, and there is a café at the Minack theatre.  The beach has very impressive square blocks of granite in the western cliffs, almost pink in certain light.


A chat with artist Jane on Porthcurno beach.

One thought on “Porthcurno beach

  1. Liz

    The colours of the sea at Porthcurno never cease to amaze me – the white sand is made up almost entirely of tiny, 30,000 year old seashells which extend well below the water line, giving the sea a bright turquoise colour – you could be mistaken for thinking you are in the Caribbean.  Having travelled the world during my time with British Airways, Porthcurno beach is hard to beat!


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