Mount’s Bay

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View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path SSSI National Trust Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover mid-May to September 10am - 6pm Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: summer

The sun burst through for this re-visit, on a low tide at Mount’s Bay and Marazion.  Summer had arrived and the beach was full of people, some gazing out at the flat, gentle water of the bay.  It was an idyllic sight and a wonderful place to be, as always.

Summer visit photo gallery



Paul’s enduring love for the beach.

Sea Retreat Holiday Cottages


Looking at Mount’s Bay from the sand dunes behind the beach, in bright sunshine.

Season: summer

The tide was almost in at Marazion for this summer re-visit to Mount’s Bay.  A strong, mild wind pulled at the beach artwork in front of The Godolphin Arms, including a maze and a spouting whale (see photo gallery).  Small boats plied their way across to St Michael’s Mount, ferrying passengers who could no longer use the covered causeway.  The upper beach is flat here and the tide moves quickly.

Summer visit photo gallery


Beaches, memories and the present for Dave, Ben, Kimberley and Lara.


The view to The Mount at high tide in Marazion.

Season: winter

A brief spell of sunshine and high pressure was just coming to an end, as I re-visited Marazion and the St Michael’s Mount end of Mount’s Bay at the start of February.  The wind was starting to whip up the foam on the wave tops and the harbour at the Mount seemed a long way away, suddenly.  It was still mild, though and beach goers were enjoying the fine stretch of sand here, a respite between the storms.

Winter visit photo gallery.


The beach is in John’s blood and Maggie’s spirit.


The end of the respite from the storm, as the weather starts to change.

Season: spring

There was a moody sense for this early morning visit, enhancing the grey, silver and black colours on the shoreline and in the sky.  The tide was well out and the causeway carried workers across to St Michael’s Mount, for ongoing renovations to the castle.  The low tide framed Marazion on its hillside and emphasised the sea wall that stands between it and the island.  Further along the beach, overnighting camper van visitors started their day with a walk on this magical beach.

Spring visit photo gallery


The tonic of a regular beach visit for Virginia.


A special memory on this beach for Nicole.


A moody, silver grey morning at Mount’s Bay.

Season: spring

It had been too long since my last visit to Marazion, this magical place on the east side of Mounts Bay.  Wild weather had covered the beach in kelp and St Michael’s Mount stood in relief against the black, blue and grey storm clouds that framed it.  The sea was calm, the sky being the centre of attention just now, in a spell of low pressure over Cornwall.

Spring visit photo


Suzanne, on coming home.


At Mount’s Bay, enjoying the calm after the storm.

Season: winter

I returned to the scene of a favourite manonabeach® trip from early in the series.  It was mild and misty on arrival, with the tide run perfect to show off the causeway to St Michaels Mount.  I’ve put the first film up before the interviews, because it really sets the scene.  This is a magical location, on the energising St Michael ley line.  You can see this in the two interviews I did, the same positive message I got from my two interviews back in September (see below these films).  Highly recommended, all you need is here and convenient for the beach at Marazion.


The causeway and Marazion, at Mount’s Bay in Cornwall.


Chatting to Moira and Sarah, who were filming for Project 12, a positive initiative for this year.


A happy young couple, on their honeymoon at Mount’s Bay in Cornwall.


St Michaels Mount, after the mist had cleared.

Season: autumn

This was an early visit in the manonabeach® series and I was blessed with bright sunshine.  Mounts Bay is set up to receive visitors in all respects.  As well as the outstanding scenery of the Bay, you can park easily and toilets and shops are at hand, along with galleries, pubs and hotels.  You can walk across to St Michaels Mount at low tide, or catch the amphibious vehicle at other times.  The Mount is a National Trust property, with fine gardens as well as the castle to visit.  Mount’s Bay has sandy walks and a breakwater to sit on, where I found the young couple I filmed making their breakfast outdoors.


This chat with a young couple in the sunshine was a real pleasure.  They were young and clearly thrilled by where they found themselves, cooking their breakfast outside on the breakwater during our Indian summer.


The beach seemed to have a very positive effect on this couple; they appeared very harmonised by being there.


A peaceful saunter along the waterline at sunny Mount’s Bay, very therapeutic.


My first view of Mount’s Bay at Marazion.

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  1. Stephanie

    The beach is the sanctuary between the turmoil of life on the land and the sea. With the pressures of our busy life, walking along the beach you can physically feel the pressures of life magically drifting away.


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