Lamorna Cove

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Season: spring

A busy Lamorna Cove greeted me for this spring visit and the weekend bustle added to the seasonal visitors.  Bright sunshine played on a silver blue sea, out past the harbour wall.  I noticed three different overseas identities on car number plates, testimony to the wide appeal of Cornwall’s beaches and coves.

Spring visit photo


With Sarah, about to go diving in the pristine waters off Lamorna Cove.


Lamorna Cove, from the harbour wall in the morning.

Season: winter

If you take the long valley walk down to Lamorna Cove from the Wink pub, you are drawn visually and atmospherically to the sea.  I was there at high tide, with the sea crashing onto rounded granite stones and the harbour wall.  The light was diffused between the sea and sky, giving a rounded feel to the view out from the Cove.  There are all the facilities, including 60 parking spaces, available right down at the Cove.  A good time to visit is during Open Studios, when artists display their work in their homes all down the road to the Cove.


My chat with hotelier Amanda at the Cove Hotel, Lamorna Cove, looking down to the sea.


The harbour at Lamorna Cove, at high tide in the morning.


A close up of the action of the sea on the granite stones at Lamorna Cove.


A sub-tropical waterfall at Lamorna Cove in December.

Season: autumn

There’s an artistic tradition at Lamorna Cove, still part of the annual Open Studios event in Cornwall.  The early morning light is striking here, as the sun breaks over the headland, with the Lizard behind.  It’s a lesson in perspective and distance, regardless of the beauty.  There’s also a whimsy to the Cove, petrified trees and sub-tropical ferns lining the lane down to the sea, with a strong running stream cascading over rocks providing the audio backdrop, as you walk down to the ocean.

Autumn visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Wo and his family.


The dawn rises over Lamorna Cove in Penwith, Cornwall.

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  1. Penny Lloyd

    I’ve really enjoyed the videos of Lamorna Cove, a place close to my heart and where I spend my holidays. I stood in the lower car park in April 2012 watching some spectacular waves, the sea crashing over the harbour wall, sending a wall of spray right up onto the car park. Truly amazing.


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