Hayle Towans beach

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View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path SSSI Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard Easter weekend then May 4 - September 29 Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: winter

I returned to Hayle Towans on a beautiful winter’s morning, with cormorants hanging their wings out to dry on the beach.  The sun lit up St Ives across the bay.  Behind me, Hayle Harbour had been redeveloped and cleaned up, now a bright and positive environment.  The clear light showed off Godrevy lighthouse in the distance.  The beach felt harmonious and settling.

Winter visit photo


With artist Tanya, who explains what the beach means to her.

hayle holidays


The beach at Hayle, from the sand dunes above.

Season: winter

On the western side of the Hayle estuary lies Porthkidney beach, with fine views from Godrevy Lighthouse right round to St Ives, via Gwithian, Hayle and Carbis Bay beaches.  At low tide, like on this re-visit, there are acres of golden sands and it’s a favourite with dog walkers.  The are extensive dunes behind the beach, interspersed with gun emplacements from World War 2, when Hayle was an important munitions and fuel additives location.

Winter visit photo gallery


The many uses of the beach for Heather and Martin.


The scene at low tide on Porthkidney beach in Hayle.

Season: autumn

This is an under-used beach with an accessible car park and lots of wonderful fine sand with great views.  Get to it quickly, before the Hayle harbour improvements attract bucket loads of visitors when they’re finished.  Hayle Towans 2 is one of my favourite films.  No toilets at the moment, but that may change with the improvements to the area.  There is both history here, with weapons storage during the war, and innovation through the Wave Hub technology, just installed.  A fascinating visit, which gives a glimpse of how sustainable, innovative employment and unspoilt nature can co-exist.


An interesting perspective on Hayle’s history.


What the beach and local people mean to a Hayle resident.


The connection cable to the new Wavehub project, exposed by the sea’s action on the sand.


The outstanding isolation and natural beauty of Hayle Towans beach in the morning.


My first view of Hayle Towans beach, from the car park in the dunes.

Season: summer

A tranquil morning on the beach in Hayle coincided with a fast rising tide.  The sea and sky fused into one blur of colour, a soporific backdrop to a spectacular beach.  As beachgoers flickered in and out of view along the misty waterline, the sky seemed to cosset all of us on the beach, holding us in suspended animation before the routine of daily life reclaimed us.

Summer visit photo gallery


Caroline’s release, via the beach, on a trip down from Bristol.


A misty, still morning, on the beach below Hayle Towans.

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