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Season: winter

There was a calm between storms for this winter re-visit to Cornwall’s fishing capital.  The market was quiet and many boats hadn’t been out for a while, due to the inclement conditions.  Bright sunshine was the order of the day, though and circumstances provided the opportunity to survey a large section of the fishing fleet, sheltering in anticipation of another bout of low pressure.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Jeffrey.


David looks back in time and towards the future.


Mount’s Bay and storm damage to Newlyn Green.

Season: spring

Many boats were still at sea, when I arrived at Newlyn for this spring re-visit, hence the fairly empty harbour.  The daily market had just finished.  I met wholesaler Craig in the Newlyn Seaman’s Mission.  At the quayside, he explained his connection to Newlyn over many generations, as well as his pride in the excellent quality of fish now landed at the port, due to excellent icing practice, processing and a quick turnaround from the boats to the consumer.  In the modern, innovative rhythm of Newlyn, consumers can now deal directly with their suppliers, to have fish delivered directly and quickly to them, in excellent condition.  Craig’s contribution to this enhanced customer service by Cornish merchants can be seen at Fresh Cornish Fish.

Spring visit photo


Craig’s pride in his Newlyn heritage, plus his view of a future in the fish business.


Newlyn harbour and Mounts Bay in the morning.

Season: autumn

I arrived in the fishing village of Newlyn, capital of Cornwall’s fishing industry, just before dawn, so several boats were coming in to unload and the market was in full swing.  This is the time to visit Newlyn, when it’s in action as a working harbour.  I was able to get a panoramic view from the top of the ice house too.  Newlyn village has toilets, shops and a great art gallery.  It has a great art tradition, some of which can be seen in the local galleries.  Located on the western end of Mount’s Bay, it’s also a wonderful place to visit for the views and the nearby beach.


With Richard, who organises the transport at Newlyn fish market.


A final view of Newlyn, from above the harbour on the Mousehole side.


A view from the top of the Ice House at Newlyn market, after dawn has just broken.


On the harbour wall at Newlyn, just before dawn.

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