Hove beach

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available Dog friendly Lifeguard cover from June to mid September Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: spring

It’s always a pleasure to stroll along Hove’s wide promenade, which is next to the beach and which is backed by attractive beach huts and fine architecture.  This affluent annex to Brighton has drawn well-heeled visitors to the coast for many years, from the Victorian heyday of large hotels to the fashionable bistros and chic boutique hotels that are here now.

Spring visit photo gallery


Christina reflects on different shorelines around the world.


A genteel setting at Hove.

Season: winter

There’s an up-market feel to Hove, with colourful beach huts decorating the walkway by the beach. The promenade is much wider and smoother than Brighton’s, which makes it perfect for a leisurely walk. The beach hut area of Hove’s seafront is a designated barbecue and dog walking spot, with lifeguards on hand and regular beach patrols.

Winter visit photo gallery


Karen looks towards the horizon.


The scene on the beach at Hove.

One thought on “Hove beach

  1. Dan

    What does the beach mean to me?

    Freedom…endless horizons.
    A place to stand, walk, run, sit.
    A place to be on your own in your thoughts.
    A place to be surrounded by friends and family.
    A place of so many contradictions.
    It’s why we never tire of returning again and again.


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