Camber Sands

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Season: spring

It was a fine scene at Camber Sands, with warm weather and bright skies to complement the natural arc of the bay.  Sometimes there’s a harmony among people that you can feel palpably in a natural environment and this was such an occasion.  So thank you to my open interviewees.

Spring season photo gallery


The free-spirited Lynsey, Kristen, Jo, Andrew and Laura at Camber Sands.


A sense of the beach by the water.

Season: winter

Camber Sands is a popular sandy beach, with picturesque dunes and interesting wildlife, located near to the village of Camber itself.  The marram grass that you see covering much of the dunes has a deep root system which helps to hold the sand in place.  Traditional chestnut fences along the beach help sand to build up more quickly.  It’s this combination of plants and fences that prevents the dunes from moving and burying the village.  There is plenty of wildlife and vegetation to see, including the brown-tail moth caterpillar, skylarks, sea spurge and the lethal berries of the black nightshade.  The tide was high during this visit, running right up against the dunes.

Winter visit photo gallery


Sally’s appreciation of the freedom and so much more offered by the beach.


High tide at Camber Sands on a bright winter afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Camber Sands

  1. Sheree

    Camber Sands is definitely one of my favourite beaches; it’s beautiful, long stretch of golden sandy beach makes it an idyllic location to unwind and blow away the cob webs! One of the reasons I love Camber is because it has the best of both worlds, great for fun times at the beach with the family and other liked minded beach goers, or even a romantic walk with a loved one, admiring the scenery.

  2. Karen

    Camber beach to me is a wonderful place where you can be anywhere you want to be, places you have visited before from the French Alpes to the south of France to the Caribbean.

    Its a peaceful place to let your mind wander, a place to observe people enjoying many different recreations, Camber Sands, to me is heaven, an escape, an adventure, it changes with the weather and the tide, never a day the same.

  3. Jacqui

    I live opposite Camber Sands, literally a 2 minute walk and I’m in the dunes & I enjoy every season walking on the beach

  4. Kate

    7 miles of sandy beach to blow away the cobwebs whatever the season. Fun filled days playing in the dunes, splashing in the water and walking on the beach.


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