Bracklesham beach

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Season: spring

Bracklesham Bay and its beach are the nearest port of call for the residents of East Wittering.  This attractive edge of West Sussex looks across towards The Isle of Wight and The Solent, with its yachting associations.  Bracklesham Bay is also a great location to observe and to collect fossils.  The sea erodes fossil bearing clay, formed during the Eocene epoch around 46 million years ago.  Each day, as the tide retreats, a variety of fossils can be found deposited on the sand, including bivalve and gastropod shells, shark and ray teeth, corals and many other marine fossils.  Access is good.  The beach itself is sandy and has a gently shelving shore, making it perfect for swimming, sailing, fishing, surfing and diving.  Water sport enthusiasts will enjoy the wind surfing and kite surfing too.  Finally, it is an important stop for migrating birds.

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What the beach means to Joanne.


By the water, the shingle and the beach at Bracklesham Bay.

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