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Season: autumn

Walberswick sits on the south bank of the River Blyth, across from Southwold.  Its location is idyllic and attracts visitors throughout the year.  There’s a sandy beach and plenty of crabbing for children.  All in all, Walberswick is a great destination, either for a family day out at the seaside or for moorland walks and sea views. You can catch daily updates on Walberswick via Claire Whittenburg’s blog hereHighly recommended.

Autumn visit photo gallery


John’s eulogy to the beach and the sea.

Cottage Tree


A dawn scene at Walberswick, on the beach.

Season: summer

A stiff, mild breeze greeted me for this seasonal re-visit to Walberswick.  Clouds scudded across the wide open sky, as the relentless sea rattled the shingle on the beach.  The resulting atmosphere was vibrant and invigorating, a natural cauldron of sights and sounds, with gulls pitching on the wind and the grass of the dunes bent with the wind.  To step out from the shelter of one of the many beach huts was to enter a sensory maelstrom, wonderful in its detachment from everyday concerns.

Spring visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Chrissie.


A blustery scene at Walberswick.

Season: summer

Here was a chance to enjoy Walberswick in the early evening light and the beach didn’t disappoint.  Looking along to the Blyth from the sand dunes above the beach, long shadows cast a languid perspective on the shingle and sandy beach, approaching high tide.  One generally approaches the beach via a small wooden bridge, which lends a sense of theatre to any arrival, guiding the visitor over a hill made by the dunes and down to the sea, looking due east, gazing out of the shadows at this time of day.  A fine setting, highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Mel.


A late afternoon view of the beach, seen from the dunes behind it.

Season: winter

A misty scene greeted me at Walberswick for this winter re-visit, the scene setting film taken on a late afternoon, followed by an interview at dawn the following day with another Walberswick swimmer.  The slight crescent shape of the beach makes it a fine place for a walk, offering a consistent beach and sea vista, as you enjoy the shoreline.  Highly recommended.

Winter visit photo gallery


The settling and inspiring power of the beach to Jeremy.


A winter’s afternoon on Walberswick beach.


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