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Season: autumn

Located just north of Aldeburgh, Thorpeness is a fascinating seaside village, with mock Tudor style buildings.  The beaches are mainly sandy and behind the village are myriad footpaths, over heath and common land.  It has associations with J M Barrie’s Peter Pan and an appropriately whimsical ambience.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Amanda’s recollections of beach life through generations.


On the waterline at Thorpeness beach. 

Season: winter

It was a chilly, misty morning for this winter visit, but the air was still and the beach felt welcoming.  Rod fishermen were working from the beach and there was plenty of room for a good stroll along the shingle.  In the near distance to the south, the mist made neighbouring Aldeburgh appear to be a faraway land, despite being only a short walk away. The brightly coloured houses by the beach flickered in and out of view as I strolled by the waterline.

Winter visit photo gallery


Sam widens the perspective to include the many beaches he has visited.


A misty start to the day, on the beach at Thorpeness.

2 thoughts on “Thorpeness beach

  1. Claire

    Thorpeness is no ordinary Suffolk village. Nearly a century ago, the architect, barrister and playwright, Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie set about creating a safe and healthy, fun packed holiday environment for his family and friends. This was a place where children could enjoy the magic and innocence of a traditional seaside holiday.

    Today little has changed and the beach to us means exploring the fairy-tale location of Thorpeness in Suffolk and marvelling with friends and family at its charm and history.


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