Dunwich beach

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Season: winter

A cold, still mist entranced the beach goers at Dunwich beach on this re-visit.  The opaque light of the winter sun in the south moved fleetingly across the calm sea, as children searched for hag stones on the shore.  A hag stone is a stone with a hole in the middle, bored out by the action of another, wedged companion stone over time.  Keep one with you to ward off witches, according to folklore.

Winter visit photo gallery


Musician Mark enjoys his downtime, after a busy working Christmas.


The atmospheric beach at Dunwich, on a winter’s day.

Season: summer

The last of the light cast long evening shadows over the beach at Dunwich towards the end of a fine summer day.  Only the complementary sound of birds preparing to roost disturbed the tranquil scene.  The sea lapped the shingle beach and a mellow light fell on the remaining couple of visitors, who scoured the shingle for hag stones.  Summer had arrived at Dunwich after a late, chilly spring and the beach was a fine place to celebrate its return.

Summer season photo gallery


A relaxing end to the day for Alan and Pamela.


Peace and quiet in the early evening at Dunwich beach.

Season: autumn

Dunwich and Dunwich Heath, which extends back from the cliffs by the beach, offer unspoilt beauty and the chance to get back to nature.  There’s a smuggling tradition here too and plenty of history, as witnessed by the remains of Leiston Abbey, the imposing walls of Framlingham Castle and the beautifully preserved keep at Orford Castle.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The beach as a positive reference point for Linda.


The scene from beside the water at Dunwich beach.

2 thoughts on “Dunwich beach

  1. Matt

    To quote another man “I count no hours but those which are serene” and serenity is what I find walking the Suffolk coast, so these are the hours I count as my own..

  2. Louise

    Dunwich beach means nature and beauty in its rawest form to me. The feeling of soft pebbles, fine sand and salty water beneath my toes makes me truly appreciate the world we live in. The smell of fragrant heather wafting around the beach, mixed the misty salty air, makes for the best natural perfume anyone could wish for. The distant sound of children playing, dogs barking and the waves crashing is the most magnificent music to my ears. These few simple things are what makes Dunwich beach so beautiful to me.


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