Covehithe beach

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Season: autumn

Covehithe is shrinking in the face of a relentless onslaught from the North Sea, being gradually eroded away.  However, the cliff exposure attracts geologists and fossil-hunters.  As well as evidence of the geological formation Norwich Crag, enthusiasts have found echinoids and corals here.  There’s a long beach below the cliffs and an elemental feel here, where the land, the sea and the air meet in such a vibrant fashion.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Sarah considers our relationship with nature.


A view along Covehithe beach.

Season: summer

A welcome return to bright sunshine coincided with this seasonal re-visit to Covehithe.  The setting is outstanding, with the beach and its soft, crumbling cliffs placed in front of a national nature reserve, itself a magnet for bird watchers, such as interviewee Phil.  Today, walking north along the beach itself, man-made and natural debris lay all around, the result of recent fierce winter storms. The coast is receding quickly here in the face of nature’s relentless re-modelling of our islands.

Summer visit photo gallery


What has brought Phil to this beach today.


A magnificent natural setting at Covehithe.

Season: summer

The outstanding natural beauty at Covehithe beach comes into view after a pleasant walk from the ruins of the church.  Barley was ripening in the adjacent fields and the beach sits in front of a nature reserve, which is located just behind the dunes.  There are also fine walks down to Dunwich Heath and Minsmere Reserve from here.  The beach is flat, sandy and backed by small cliffs that are being quickly eroded.  This is a very tranquil and invigorating spot to find yourself, as interviewee John briefly testifies.

Summer season photo gallery


John’s succinct eulogy to the beach.


A bright afternoon above Covehithe beach.

Season: winter

It was a cold, bright day on this occasion.  The walk along to the beach from the enormous church gives you a chance to enjoy the reed beds and waterways of the nature reserve that sits just behind Covehithe beach.  A recent high tide had pulled large sections of the sand banks down, continuing to re-shape this ever-changing stretch of coastline.  This is an unspoilt wonder.

Winter visit photo gallery


Gabi, on one of her regular visits to Covehithe beach.


A view along the beach from the precarious sand bank above.

3 thoughts on “Covehithe beach

  1. Kathleen Baalham

    I have never been to this beach but do live in suffolk. Looks so nice & peaceful. Perhaps next year we will visit.

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  3. Andrew

    I grew up in Wrentham and Covehithe beach was our playground. Definitely one of the best beaches in southern England and probably one of the most secluded. Walk for 10 minutes south of where the footpath reaches the beach and even on an August weekend you will probably have the beach entirely to yourself. As kids we used to play on the cliffs, in the woods and by the Broad where we raced model yachts and even built a raft from stuff washed up on the beach. It was a fantastic place and we were very privileged to have it on our doorstep. The walk to Southwold is well worth doing – it takes about an hour.


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