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Season: summer

A mild, breezy day greeted me at Aldeburgh for this summer visit. The weekend enticed a throng of visitors to the pretty streets and individual shops, all a stone’s throw from the shingle beach and its fresh fish vendors.  A game of boules was in full flow, as families played by the waterline and couples enjoyed the promenade. When summer has arrived, Aldeburgh is a fine place to enjoy it.

Summer season photo gallery


Anna’s international perspective on the beach.


A celebration of Aldeburgh’s rich cultural heritage, by the beach.  Here’s a link to Suffolk Cottage Holidays’ commissioned film about Benjamin Britten and his affinity to Aldeburgh, more widely a reflection on the perennial relationship between man and place – Benjamin Britten Centenary Film.

Pure Nuff Stuff

Season: winter

The beach at Aldeburgh is a wonderful place to find yourself on a misty, still winter morning.  The sea’s music on the shingle is the only sound, just before the town wakes up and the early boats return with their catch.  The pebbles have been endlessly turned upon and between each other, smooth to the touch and harmoniously coloured.  On mornings like these, it’s hard to pick out the horizon, the massive sky folding into the sea.  The mist seems to amplify each small sound, yet the intimacy remains.  Highly recommended.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach here has meant and always will mean to Susan.


Dean’s work place.


A misty morning, on the beach at Aldeburgh.

Season: autumn

Sitting on the East Suffolk coast, Aldeburgh is an attractive and well known seaside town, counting Benjamin Britten and Maggi Hambling among its luminaries.  As well as its strong, ongoing musical and artistic associations, there’s a strong fishing tradition.  There are miles of unspoilt shingle coastline within easy walking distance of the town.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The beach is Duncan’s livelihood.


On the waterline in the late afternoon at Aldeburgh beach.

2 thoughts on “Aldeburgh beach

  1. Mark and Samantha

    The beach is a great place to exercise the dogs beside the beach in those months when they aren’t allowed on it and on the beach for those months when they can enjoy it too. The fresh air and watching the waves is a great place to relax and an ice cream or two adds to the enjoyment.

  2. Sally

    The beach is a true constant for me, like part of the family.  My fondest childhood memories are those where I have a bucket and spade in my hand, or those of eating slightly sandy sandwiches sitting proudly in a hole I’d just dug!  Now, as an adult whatever my mood, there is nowhere I’d rather be that the beach, be it with my own young family (still digging), or on my own when I crave the voice of the sea to offer me calm.


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