Kingsand Cawsand

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Season: summer

Bright sunshine at Kingsand Cawsand lit the way for this summer re-visit.  Plymouth Sound became a hive of activity as the morning drifted on, the tide rising to meet an influx of day trippers.  The atmosphere was peaceful and the villages seemed at ease with each other, seamlessly linked by their winding, narrow lane.

Summer visit photo gallery


Claire’s lifelong love of the beach.

Chough Cottage


A re-acquaintance with artist Jim Woolley (see winter visit, below).


On a rising tide at Cawsand beach during a stunning morning.

Season: autumn

On arrival at Kingsand Cawsand, a warship slipped its mooring and headed out of Plymouth Sound.  Although peaceful and quiet, the aspect here, overlooking a busy shipping thoroughfare, rings with historical references.  The sun in the east threw a moored yacht into relief.  This is a place that people have always left from and returned to.  Those that stay can always watch people do just that, perhaps weighing their prospects and rewards.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Thea reflects on the thoroughfare in front of the beach.


Fisherman David’s place in the jigsaw.


Kingsand Cawsand in the morning, with the sun streaming over the Sound.  You can see interviewee David and his boat coming into port.

One thought on “Kingsand Cawsand

  1. David and Paula

    There is something about arriving on the beach and being close to the sea which cannot be felt anywhere else. It is an odd sense of peace and gives a sense of personal perspective even- or perhaps especially -when the waves are crashing and the wind is howling!
    Whatever the time of year the beach and sea create this for me. There is no place like it.


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