Hannafore Point

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Season: summer

A grey day greeted me for this summer re-visit to Hannafore Point in south east Cornwall.  Nevertheless, a glass bottomed pleasure cruiser was making its way over to Looe Island and there were small, inshore fishing boats, bobbing about on the high tide.  People were taking brisk Sunday morning constitutional walks, several gazing longingly out to sea.  Hannafore Beach is part of  the Looe Voluntary Marine Conservation Area, due to it’s diverse range of sea life.

Summer visit photo gallery


Rod and Sue share an international perspective on the beach.


Looe harbour, Hannafore Point and Looe Island in the morning.

Season: spring

It was a fine scene at Hannafore Point for this early spring re-visit.  From Looe round to the island, the sun laced the dawn skies, filtered by the cloud and mist.  A high tide crashed against the rocks and sea defences, sending spray vertically up, to land on the promenade by the beach.  The interview took place in the lea of Looe Island, its land access covered by the tide.

Spring visit photo gallery


Viv finds herself in a familiar spot.


High tide at Hannafore Point.

Season: autumn

The morning sun drenched the silver sea, outside the harbour and the Banjo Pier, here at Hannafore Point in the morning.  From the town round to Looe Island, it was a scene of tranquility.  This is one of those beaches and strands with a benign atmosphere, particularly early in the day.  Each visit shows a new side to the scenery, this time with droves of sandpipers picking at the seaweed on the beach.

Autumn visit photo gallery


A father and daughter share a love of the beach.


Tristan likes where he lives.


A beautiful morning panorama, at Hannafore Point.

Season: winter

Hannafore Point is a long finger of beach immediately to the west of Looe, interspersed with rock pools at low tide, when I visited.  It has outstanding views of the bay and across to Looe Island.  Immediately above the beach are robust sea defences, including a walkway along towards the South West Coast  Path, Talland Bay and Polperro.  There is free parking on the road above the beach.  Like a lot of the south coast beaches, I enjoy them in the mornings and through lunchtime, when the sun provides an atmospheric backdrop.


An early morning dog walker at Hannafore Point, near Looe.


Gaining spiritual balance and inspiration from the beach at Hannafore Point, near Looe.

2 thoughts on “Hannafore Point

  1. ian soady

    Port Nadler, Hannafore and Plady beaches mean the world to me, lovely to see them on the site and also my mother speaking of Hannafore where my brother and I spent so much of our childhood. As Viv says in the Hannafore interview the grandchildren love to be on the beaches; although my daughter Ella prefers to view the beach from in the sea…

  2. Justin

    A wonderful promenade between sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. Dog walks with our Great Dane playing in the sand and sea, Canoeing around Looe (St Georges) island, the Coastguard station, the 2 café’s and one restaurant. Watching the fishing boats plug the tide bringing their catch to Looe Fish Market. The migration of the seagulls in Looe to the safety of St Georges island at the end of the day.


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