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Season: spring

This unspoilt beach is always a pleasure to visit, despite the steep path down to the sea.  The weekend had brought several beachgoers out and I was able to chat with a group of friends, enjoying the pristine nature.  The beach is set below outstanding walking on the South West Coast Path, between Polruan and Polperro.  This side of the Fowey River estuary has wonderful sea views, looking out from the high cliffs, as well as beautiful, wild beaches.

Spring visit photo


Al expands on the allure of the sea.
Cornish Horizons


A group of friends, on the beach at Lantic Bay.


The unspoilt beauty of Great Lantic beach.

Season: summer

This magical beach is difficult to access down a steep path, but well worth the effort.  The nature here is pristine and on this re-visit Lantic Bay was serene and tranquil, with clear turquoises and blues in the sea and sky.  The tide had just turned back from high water and the upper beach vegetation was in bloom, this being high summer.  On the high ridge above the beach, ardent walkers enjoyed the South West Coast Path, the odd one dropping down for a well earned rest on this beautiful beach.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


Simon’s empathy for the great outdoors.


A stunning, unspoilt beach, looking out on Lantic Bay.

Season: summer

A visit to Great Lantic beach in South Cornwall, near Polruan at the head of the River Fowey estuary, is always a massive treat.  The steep descent heightens the anticipation and arriving on this beach is never a disappointment.  It’s totally wild, unspoilt and timeless, without commercial intrusion and usually deserted or sparsely populated.  The geology is outstanding, with creased, folded and eroded rock formations standing proud against the relentless assault of the ocean.

Summer visit photo gallery


Andrew’s appreciation of the beach’s invigorating effect, on all his family.


Richard tackles a family challenge and Diana enjoys the colours.


An outstanding clash of elements on the waterline.

Season: autumn

Great Lantic beach is near Polruan in South East Cornwall, across the water from Fowey.  This is a magical beach, deserted and at the bottom of steep steps.  You can hear how breathless I was, interviewing the two walkers on my way up, near the top.  This beach is where I laid out the manonabeach stones for the original website banner (below).  There are exotic plants in among the pebbles on the higher reaches of the beach, with fires and stone stacks that people have left.  The geology is stunning.  Access is difficult, but well worth it.


A chat at the top of the very steep path up from Great Lantic beach, on Lantic Bay.


The view from the back of the beach, at Lantic Bay.


Exploring Great Lantic beach.


The waterline at Great Lantic beach, including evidence of human activity.


A view of Great Lantic beach and the bay, from above.

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  1. Jim

    I have been going to this beach for over 35 years and what I love about it is that it has never changed. The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the views are just as they were when I was a boy. This timeless quality is what makes Lantic Bay a special place for me.


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