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Season: autumn

Located on the Gulf Stream to the north of Fairlie, Largs benefits from a mild climate, as witnessed by the palm trees on the seafront.  The town is popular with visitors from Glasgow and the main beach has a pleasing arc to it, situated at the northern end of the town.  The North Promenade runs behind the beach and there are cafes and restaurants to enjoy here, plus a boating lake nearby.  Pleasant views to Great Cumbrae Island and the Isle of Bute complete the picture.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Young spirits by the sea.


A bright afternoon at Largs on Glasgow weekend.

One thought on “Largs

  1. Jane

    Beaches conjure up so many happy family holidays. Sunbathing, swimming, sandcastles, sailing, cricket, walking, wildlife etc. Blue skies, sea and calm water or grey, windy and crashing waves! All the different moods of nature and the wonderful feeling of having cobwebs blown away and being completely refreshed in mind and body. Sometimes it is the peacefulness of gently lapping waves on the shore which are sophorific and give rise to deep thoughts. Other times it is just relaxing to walk near the sea and watch others enjoying themselves. We love living near the sea and really enjoy holidays that involve beaches!