Yellowcraig beach

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Season: spring

It was a fine, sunny day.  The tide was in and walkers were enjoying the views out to the Isle of Fidra and its lighthouse, the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”.  The approach to the beach, through woods and dunes, is a sheer pleasure, leading to that magical place where the air, land and sea meet.

Spring visit photo gallery


The beach as a special place on a day of celebration.


The beauty of Yellowcraig beach, looking out to Fidra.

Season: winter

Yellowcraig is a popular family beach, with a nature trail, barbecue site and footpaths that lead through the sheltered woodlands and extensive grassland behind the beach.  It’s a natural cove beach, with spectacular views to the 1885 lighthouse on Fidra Island.  In the nearby village, there’s a castle with excellent gardens.  To summarise, the beach has outstanding natural beauty in all directions.

I was filmed for BBC Reporting Scotland on this visit. You can see the piece here.

Winter visit photo gallery


Lisa looks back in time.


How the light resonates for Lesley.


A beautiful winter morning on Yellowcraig beach.

Season: summer

This beach is one of the natural jewels in the crown of East Lothian.  There’s a sense of drama as you approach, firstly through the band of trees then across the marram grass and dunes.  The arc of the beach is the first thing to strike a visitor, plus the island of Fidra and its lighthouse offshore.  The tide was low, the weather was fine, the sky was blue and the beach was full of visitors, playing in the sand, relaxing or strolling by the water’s edge.

Summer visit photo gallery


A lifetime on this beach for Ralph and Pat.

One thought on “Yellowcraig beach

  1. Pauline

    The beach is a place for really long quiet times that make me smile inside and out. It’s a place where I can let go for a while, allowing myself to be open to the peacefulness around me. No matter what the weather it’s great to let the wind blow the cobwebs away and when I’m feeling free I will kick off my shoes, skip and even dance along the water’s edge. It’s great to go off the beaten track and explore the dunes or scramble over the rocks, exploring the rock pools. I could sit for hours watching the Bass Rock gannets diving from a height at tremendous speed. We have many beaches to explore along our coast, every one of them great for my ‘day off fix’.


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