St Andrews West Sands

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Season: summer

A quiet, misty morning greeted me for this summer re-visit.  The early morning beach was quiet, despite the Women’s Open having just finished at the home of golf, next to the beach.  The wide expanse of sand here is liberating to the senses, with the horizon fusing into the sea on such a morning as this.  The sea lapped the shore gently, as the town of St Andrews started to wake up for another day.

Summer season photo gallery


What this beach means to Alan.


A quiet start to the day at St Andrews West Sands.


The beach as part of Susan’s routine.

Season: winter

This is the beach used in the opening sequence of “Chariots of Fire”.  There’s plenty of space here on the sand, with almost two miles of beach backed by sand dunes and the world famous St Andrews golf course.  St Andrews itself is well worth a visit, to see the ruined cathedral on the high ground.  It’s a university town, with excellent cafes and restaurants, all a ten minute walk from the beach.

Winter visit photo gallery


Jen’s affection for St Andrews, ahead of a special day.


The view from the dunes at West Sands.


Looking back from the waterline, on the expansive West Sands beach at St Andrews.

2 thoughts on “St Andrews West Sands

  1. Anne

    This beach in the summer means families together, building sandcastles and paddling in the water. When it’s quiet, it’s lovely and peaceful, to walk along the water’s edge. Of course, this is the beach where one cold February morning, I watched the filming of the opening sequence for “Chariots of Fire”. Then there’s the pleasure of walking on the beach next to the golf courses, watching golfers on the greens.

  2. Rachel

    The beach is an escape for me. It is a place I go at least 4 times a week to walk my dog and clear my head. It never fails to astound me how much beauty can be found in one place and is different every time you visit. It can be the breath taking sunset or sunrise, the calmness or turmoil of the water or just a simple conversation you’ll have with a stranger which will undoubtedly happen when walking on a beach in Scotland. The best feeling in the world for me is being on a beach feeling the sun on your skin and listening to the waves gently lapping at the shore, nothing else can make me feel more relaxed.


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