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Season: summer

Bright sunshine and a warm south westerly wind greeted me for this seasonal re-visit.  Crowds of visitors were enjoying the beach and the scenic village backdrop.  A high tide filled the small harbour, with boats bobbing at their moorings.  This part of the East Neuk of Fife has history (Alexander Selkirk, who wrote Robinson Crusoe is commemorated here), charm and a fine strand of powdery sand.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


An appreciation of the elements, by the beach.


A warm, windy day at Lower Largo.

Season: winter

Lower Largo is a charming coastal village with a fine beach and a historical twist.  The statue of Alexander Selkirk in the main street bears witness that it was his story that Daniel Defoe used for “Robinson Crusoe”.  The village was traditionally the base for herring fishermen, then net makers, but is now a successful holiday destination.  There’s a friendly, characterful ambiance about the village, welcoming and engaging to visitors.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Elanne.


A view from the harbour wall at Lower Largo.

One thought on “Lower Largo beach

  1. Lesley

    The joy of watching folk walk their dogs, the kids kicking a football and having a game of sand cricket. The toddlers having such fun, you never hear a crying child. The fact that it changes every day and is never boring, that’s what the beach means to me.


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