Elie beach

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Season: summer

Elie beach comprises the central section of a long, curved line of sand that runs from Earlsferry round to Elie Harbour.  Backed by dunes and beach huts, the rich golden sand here is ideal for dinghy sailing, pleasure boating, windsurfing and the like.  The beach is flat and the tide was half way in during this summer visit. Bright sunshine and a blue sky greeted early visitors.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Graeme.


Summer on the beach at Elie.

Season: winter

This long sandy beach links the former royal burghs of Elie and Earlsferry.  It features beach huts and sandy dunes that sit behind a wide expanse of sand at low tide.  This is a popular swimming beach.  The proximity of the village adds variety to any visit, with the wider attractions of Fife readily at hand.  In addition, the beach lies on the Fife Coastal Path, inviting further exploration of the wider area.

Winter visit photo gallery


Graeme’s brief eulogy to the beach.


A snowbound winter scene at Elie beach.

One thought on “Elie beach

  1. Sally

    We all know and love the beach on sunny days and windswept stormy days, but the beach in the dark to me is very special.  Night time with the moon on the water, boats’ lights in the distance and even better the very early morning darkness before the sun rises. You can catch the odd shooting star, even a lonely seal pup left by mum while she goes out to get food before she comes back to retrieve it, then the gentle cooing of the Eider duck . Walking/running along the tide line in the ambient light before anyone gets up and taking in all the noises and smells that you don’t have time to appreciate during the day.  That to me is the beach at its best.


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