Belhaven Bay

Beach facilities

View map of beach Parking available Scottish Coastal Path SSSI Dog friendly Seaside Award MCS recommended

Season: summer

The extreme low tide on this expansive, flat beach gave an ancient sense to the stony bedrock and seaweed left by the sea, alluded to by Melissa in the seasonal interview.  Woodland covers the side of the beach, providing a great vantage point to enjoy the rush of the tide as it returns.  Bright sunshine and a blue sky framed the tall pines and the sea seemed a long way away.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Melissa and Jazmin.


Low tide at Belhaven Bay.

Season summer

It was high tide at Belhaven Bay for this early summer re-visit.  This is the premier surfing beach in East Lothian.  The tide races in to its zenith, occasionally catching unwary visitors on the small footbridge by the shore, creating a spectacle for those looking out from the nearby car park.  The only price to pay is wet feet, thankfully.  Across the bay, where the surfers play, there’s a salt march and an extensive dune system, the whole area being popular with horse riders too.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


The universal appeal of the beach for Maria, Marco, Jorge and Guillermo.


…en espagnol.


The view from by the footbridge at high tide.


…and round by the dunes, across the bay.

Season: winter

Sitting just west of Dunbar and looking out to Bass Rock, with the Isle of May in the far distance, Belhaven Bay is a popular coastal getaway for people from Edinburgh.  There are extensive dunes behind the beach and a great break for surfers.  In fact, it’s a rural idyll, with a tall pine plantation and salt marshes at the entrance of the River Tyne.  The bay is part of the John Muir Country Park, including a section of the John Muir Way.  This is one of the finest beaches in East Lothian.

Winter visit photo gallery


The restorative effect of the beach.


The tide runs in at Belhaven Bay.

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