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Season: autumn

Located just under St David’s Head, this beach is a quiet, secluded alternative to the expansive Whitesands Bay.  Looking out to Ramsey Island, it’s sandy at low tide and fringed by high cliffs.  It also features a small stream that runs across the beach.  Backed by the peak of Carn Llidi, this is an unspoilt oasis of peace and tranquility.  Highly recommended.

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The ability of the beach to reinforce faith.


The secluded beach at Porthmelgan, near St Davids.

One thought on “Porthmelgan beach

  1. Adam

    Porthmelgan is, in my childhood and still today, one of my favourite beaches In Pembrokeshire, and was only a short walk from the house where I grew up. During the hot summers its sandy stretches are quiet and secluded, a far cry from the bustling crowds of Whitesands; in winter its storm tossed bay provides plenty of flotsam and jetsam to amuse child and adult alike and as an avid beach comber it never fails to provide, I even found a message in a bottle one blustery spring day. This magical, secluded bay, never disappoints me, and, set next to the Iron Age settlements of St Davids Head, it’s always amazing to think that, for thousands of years, others have enjoyed the same quiet beauty, staggering sunsets and warm summer days at my favourite beach, the fishing’s not bad either!


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