Pembrey beach

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Season: autumn

Enjoying views across Carmarthen Bay to Tenby and The Gower Peninsula, Pembrey is the local beach for Llanelli.  With shops, restaurants and cafes to hand, this eight miles long stretch of sandy beach is tailor-made for visitors, but it’s also designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, due to the dunes, rare plants and interesting bird life in the area. The Saltings area local nature reserve is nearby.  The beach is flat and swimmers are protected by seasonal life guards.

Autumn visit photo gallery


What you can find and enjoy on the beach.


Plenty of space on the beach at Pembrey.

One thought on “Pembrey beach

  1. Al Williams

    Pembrey Sands, Carmarthenshire.
    Described in one video as safe, but be warned :-
    1) The dunes can be dangerous by digging tunnels causing sand to collapse on top., in particular following the storm erosion of 2014, the dunes on the foreshore are steep.
    2) To the east of the beach, walking near the incoming sea you can be cut off by the tide.
    Both events have caused loss of life in recent years.
    Having said the above , this beach is my favourite because,
    Its wide expanse of sand and sea gives such a feeling of freedom in nature.
    The washed up flotsam from trawler boats, etc, shows the sea cleansing itself by throwing back to the human race what man has carelessly and intentionally discarded into the sea. Fish boxes, ropes, drums, nets and other human debris from the estuary nearby.
    3) Watch jet fighters fly low overhead as they practice low flying onto the nearby target (quite safe)
    4) see jellyfish the size of dustbin lids washed up onto the beach.
    5) Collect seashells of all descriptions.
    6) Collect the discarded fish boxes and grow kidney beans, onions, etc, etc, to use at home, where you have no garden, and helping the environment at the same time.
    7) Breathe in – pure air.
    8) Breathe in more pure air on walking back from the shipwreck on the beach to the west.


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