Helen’s Bay

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available ASSI Dog friendly Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: autumn

Helen’s Bay is one of two attractive beaches that sit just to the west of Bangor, with this one located in front of Helen’s Bay Golf Club.  Parking is next to the golf course.  Visitors come locally from both Belfast and Bangor and the beach is sandy and fairly flat.  The views out to Belfast Bay can include visiting porpoises and seals and this area is home to eider ducks and terns.  Any walk to the adjacent Grey Point is stimulating and enjoyable.

Autumn visit photo gallery


With Livia by the beach at Helen’s Bay.


A rural setting at Helen’s Bay.

One thought on “Helen’s Bay

  1. Jenny

    I was told by a fortune teller when I was 18 that i would live on the beach and guess what, I DO!

    Everyday is different, high tide, Iow tide, calm, very choppy and spectacular sunsets! I love watching the sea birds and quite often a few seals as well!  During the summer months I regularly swim at Helen’s Bay , along with quite a few others now and it’s so invigorating.

    Living on the beach is relaxing and just basically does your heart good!