Skinnet Beach

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Season: summer

Having only looked across to the Rabbit Islands from way above the beach in the snow last December, it was a pleasure to drop down on this visit to the secluded little Skinnet beach, with crofting strips still visible behind.  It is a mixed strand, with sea-shaped pebbles and stones behind the powdery sand by the water.  Looking out to Talmine Bay and the three islands offers a varied topography, which includes the Kyle of Tongue.  As Sarah testifies in her testimony, this is a place of great tranquility.

Summer season photo gallery


What the beach means to Sarah.


Peace and quiet beside Talmine Bay at Skinnet beach.

Season: winter

Skinnet beach is located just below Talmine and looks out to Rabbit Islands and Eilean Nan Ron (Island of the Seals) in Talmine Bay.  This is a tranquil spot, but access is straightforward from the nearby road.  The sand is soft and fine and there’s a breakwater just to the north of this attractive beach.  There is a varied geographical setting, with headlands, a river estuary and fine sea views.

Winter visit photo gallery


The scene above Skinnet beach in winter.

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