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Season: winter

Embo beach sits on the beautiful Dornoch Firth between the village of Embo and the River Fleet.  It features extensive sand dunes, free parking and a wonderfully natural feel.  Wildlife is abundant among the paths through the dunes, making this a great spot to explore.  With plenty of facilities nearby, this is also an excellent getaway location.  The beach is sandy and unspoilt.

Winter visit photo gallery


Peace and quiet all the way for Tristan.


A classic beach and the dunes at Embo.

One thought on “Embo

  1. Tereasa

    For me, Embo beach is the perfect antidote to all the trappings of modern life: tranquil and stress free.  I love to walk north, away from the village, with the sea breeze in my face.  No mobile phone, no chores or interruptions and very often absolutely no people!  Although the beach is right next to the village, it’s not uncommon to walk a few hundred yards and be in complete isolation with only the sound of the waves and the seabirds for company.  I never tire of the walk:  a short way up the beach, there is an inlet where the water runs off the land into the sea – this inlet and the surrounding dunes are never quite the same each time you walk the beach – the shifting of the sands with the tide and the weather means the beach is always changing.  I’m not a great naturalist, but from the beach I have seen dolphins, seals and even an otter playing in the deep current at the entrance to Loch Fleet.  And of course, there is a constant company of a whole host of marine birds from oyster catchers to various gulls. The backdrop of the hills to the north, just complete the picture. It is a great escape.  Great physical exercise whether you walk or run and so good for the mind: it is therapy – a mind healer for a busy head.  I absolutely love it.


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