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Ceannabeinne is a candidate for the most beautiful beach in Sutherland at low tide, a bold claim but one supported by its grand setting.  There are sloping dunes on arrival, then mighty cliffs at the end and behind part of the strand.  Views out to sea are stunning and the sunken setting belies the nearby road, the other side of which is a handy car park.  Come to discover it for yourself – it will be worth it at any time of the year.  Magnificent.

Summer visit photo gallery


Eva and Rheinhart on their holidays.


…und in Deutsch.


A stunning vista at Ceannabeinne.

Season: winter

There is history all around Ceannabeinne beach.  Nearby are the remains of a monastery and a deserted village, then just over the hill is the historic 18th Century Rispond Harbour.  Visible out to sea is Eilean Hoan, the burial island.  The beach itself has pristine sand, with rocky outcrops and is easily accessed from the car park by the main road.  This is a must-stop place on any tour of North Scotland.

Winter visit photo gallery


Above Ceannabeinne beach in Sutherland.


By the sea in winter.

One thought on “Ceannabeinne

  1. Richard

    Ceannabeinne beach holds many treasured memories for me. In 1963 we stayed locally with a crofter and visited the bay every day, walking down from  the derelict cottage situated high above the beach. We swam, picnicked, and played on the perfect sand. Every year we returned and each time that we walked back to the car, my father looked lovingly at the old cottage, dreaming of perhaps one day owning it and renovating it. His dream came true when I bought the cottage in 1987!
     Ceannabeinne beach is undoubtedly one of the finest beaches in Britain. Historic, proud and magnificent, a testament to the power of nature, and with no land between her shores and the North Pole!
    A treasure for all to admire and enjoy, locals and tourists alike.


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