Widewall Bay

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Season: summer

This summer re-visit was to the Oyces (Oyce of Herston and Oyce of Quindry) at Widewall Bay, which can be found at the most sheltered end of the bay.  Here, there’s another, longer strand than at nearby Sands of Wright beach, which I visited during the previous December.  An oyce, pronounced “oose”, is a flat inlet within an existing bay, ideal for drawing up flat bottomed Viking boats over 1,000 years ago.  The naturally calm atmosphere here was heightened on this occasion by idyllic weather.  I strongly recommend a visit to South Ronaldsay and to this bay in particular.

Summer season photo gallery


What the beach means to Veronica.


Peace and quiet at Widewall Bay.

Season: winter

Widewall Bay is a sheltered enclave on the western side of South Ronaldsay, located by the main southerly entrance to Scapa Flow.  It is a yachting shelter and it has a small beach.  There is a heavy ancient historical resonance hereabouts, including the interesting Oyce of Quindry, a neolithic portal which is fully visible at low tide.  This is a great birdwatching location too and there are excellent views across the bay to Hoxa and towards the picturesque village of Herston. On this occasion I visited Sands of Wright in the bay.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Helen.


A high tide at Sands of Wright.

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