Waukmill Bay

View map of beach Parking available SSSI Dog friendly Good water quality for swimming

Season: summer

The tide was ebbing on this summer re-visit, revealing an exquisite, flat beach at Waukmill Bay.  This is a fine swimming beach, safely located at the northern end of Scapa Flow and south-facing, thereby benefiting from maximum sunshine.  Families played in the pools and shallows on this Saturday.  There is a natural backdrop of salt marsh and machair, with long headlands to either side.  This is a candidate for the best beach on Orkney, even among the stiff opposition available.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Sarah.


An idyllic day at Waukmill Bay.

Season: winter

Waukmill Bay has an wonderful isolated beach, which faces south towards Scapa Flow, on the mainland of Orkney.  It is sandy and exquisite, with excellent bathing water.  The wider area is notable as a unique bird watching haven, largely due to the freshwater feed from the Loch of Kirbister above the beach and the presence of ever-changing sand bars.  Nearby is Kirbister Preserve.  There is parking on the road above the beach, as well as toilet facilities.

Winter visit photo gallery


A view of Waukmill Bay from above.


By the water at high tide.

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