Linklet Bay

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Season: summer

Linklet Bay faces east on the island of North Ronaldsay, which is connected by plane or boat to the Orkney mainland.  This is an area of outstanding natural beauty.  The beach stretches in a long arc and is a super location for an extended walk.  A little known feature of the island is that the sheep here eat only seaweed, producing the rich North Ronaldsay mutton, a real delicacy.  While you’re on North Ronaldsay, do explore the whole island.  You’re about as far north as you can get on Orkney.

Summer visit photo gallery


All life is connected, with Nina at the beach.


Lichen behind the beach; Nina takes a look.


Nina explains what you can see in a rock pool.


The scene at Linklet Bay.

6 thoughts on “Linklet Bay

  1. Beth Trowbridge

    Can’t believe we had the honor and privilege of having Nina spend the summer with us as a Naturalist in Kachemak Bay – it’s so wonderful to hear her interpret the wonders of the beach and life! Thanks for capturing this for all of us to hear!

  2. Clare

    Nina is such a special talent – so interested and interesting. Thank you, manonabeach, for introducing us to her.

  3. Sonja

    Nina, you always have me hanging on your every word! Thank you for always facinating me with your incredible wealth of knowledge and joyous personality!

    Glad manonabeach found you! What a pleasure for all of us!


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