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Season: summer

Blue skies and warm weather were the order of the day at St Cyrus Nature Reserve and beach, for this summer re-visit.  The languid sea lapped the shore at low tide, making a waterside stroll a real pleasure.  The beach is wide and flat, with a pleasing arc and backed by dunes, wetland and sheer cliffs, from which the various hawks hunt the plentiful wildlife.  The rocks at the northern end of the beach, revealed at low tide, are an ideal spot for rock pooling, where I found interviewee Ann.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


The beach as an escape for Ann.


A fine morning at St Cyrus.

Season: spring

This beach in the North East Scotland region is part of the St Cyrus National Nature Reserve.  It runs south from the cliffs and weird rock formations below the village of St Cyrus, to the mouth of the North Esk River.  You access the beach either by a winding path down the cliffs, or by a more straightforward route, leading from the Visitor Centre.  This is now 200 metres behind the beach, despite once being the lifeboat station.  It’s a spectacular setting, with the cliffs hosting peregrine falcons and numerous wildlife, that thrive where the North Esk River used to run, just behind the beach.

Spring season photo gallery


The scene is set by Thérèse from Scottish Natural Heritage, then Susan and Nicola.


A view from the dunes.


On the waterline at St Cyrus beach.

One thought on “St Cyrus beach

  1. Seonid

    Going to the beach at any time of year gives a complete change to all the senses. The salty seaweed smells the tingling of spray on the face, hard and soft sand underfoot are clear to imagine.  But at St Cyrus there was a visit from a great white egret on the estuary this autumn. The chance of seeing wigeon and teal returning, or long tailed sea ducks must surely add to the excitement of not quite knowing what might be seen. Watching the water in case whales or dolphins are passing keeps you alert.  But surely rolling up trouser legs and paddling in the shallows on beautiful summer evenings shouldn’t be missed.


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