New Aberdour beach

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Season: summer

There’s a theatrical style to this beach, with the formal surround to the spring, the dramatic caves and the red desert rock that they are set in.  A flat green strand backs the beach, which has a pleasing arc.  The beach is pebbled, allowing the action of the sea to add a dramatic soundscape to the scene.  Interviewee Sam, hammer in hand, was about to start his university geology studies.

Summer visit photo gallery


The beach as an inspiration for Sam.


The beach below New Aberdour.

Season: spring

Although it’s a shingle beach, there is sand at the eastern end of this north-facing beach.  Aberdour Bay has a pleasing crescent shape and the beach is backed by rocky sandstone caves.  There are a couple of noticeable features on the beach, firstly the white-walled St Drostan’s Well, which has a fountain you can drink from and whose name adorns the church up on the hill.  Secondly, the memorial to Jane Whyte at the western end of the beach commemorates her part in the rescue of the crew of the steamship William Hope in 1886.

Spring season photo gallery


A great place to watch the world go by.

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