Lunan Bay

Beach facilities

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Season: summer

An extended spell of fine weather continued for this summer season re-visit.  Lunan Bay was bathed in bright sunshine, with blue skies above.  The tide was low and the beach was being worked by a salmon netter, whom I interviewed.  The activity has been taking place on Lunan Bay for hundreds of years, due to the presence of salmon rivers at either end of this wide, flat beach.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


A summary of the beach’s appeal from Claire.


A sense of times gone by, a fisherman’s perspective on the beach.


What the beach means to Mark and Catherine.


The summer scene at Lunan Bay.

Season: spring

This outstanding beach is unspoilt, undeveloped and beautifully positioned, well away from busy everyday lives.  It features a castle, sand dunes and cliffs at one end.  During this visit, snow lay still on the beach and dunes, framing the arc of the bay.  It’s a haven of tranquility, a throwback to simpler times, with salmon stake nets still deployed in season.  This is a beach on which to recharge your batteries, a real tonic.  Highly recommended.

Spring season photo gallery


A changing relationship with the ever changing beach.


The endless horizon.


A white start to the day at Lunan Bay.

2 thoughts on “Lunan Bay

  1. Juliet

    I love the Angus coastline because there is often no-one there; at Lunan Bay the sand is like the Bahamas; it’s your private beach  There are caves to explore, shells to pick up and sand dunes to slide on. Everything the children and I do!  There is a rock the shape of an elephant you will find nowhere else!  And there is St Cyrus beach too, again it too sounds like the Bahamas and it’s absolutely stunning. The beach behind the links at Montrose is special too; in short, something for everyone.


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