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Season: summer

This high summer evening visit to Findhorn Bay coincided with a high tide and the end of a day’s yachting and sailing.  A sand spit at the edge of the bay was still visible, where we did the interview and the sky was a study in whites, blues and greys.  The atmosphere was languid and a deep calm pervaded the waterside watchers, at the end of their day by the sea.  This is a special place, one that holds you and is genuinely relaxing.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


A constant through time for Emma.

Rosebay Cottage


A late evening in summer at Findhorn Bay.

Season: winter

The beach at Findhorn Bay in Moray sits between the pine trees of Culbin Forest to the west and Burghead Bay to the east, where seals can be found by the shore.  The area was once known as “Scotland’s Sahara”, before the forest was planted in the last century.  The setting is outstanding, part of the Culbin Sands, Forest and Findhorn Bay Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Nearby Findhorn has a thriving Arts scene and the Findhorn Bay Arts Festival takes place annually in September.  The poems below were sent in by Emma Gibb.  You can see some of her Findhorn photos on her Embrace Scotland blog and read more from her in the Emma Explores Scotland blog.


The first of two poetic eulogies to Findhorn Bay.


Here’s a second poetic eulogy to the beach at Findhorn Bay.

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