Trevone beach

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path SSSI Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover May 18 - September 29 Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: summer

I visited as early as possible in summer and was greeted with a beautiful, peaceful beach in the morning.  Continuing high pressure subdued the waves and there were the remains of a misty dawn.  This is a stunningly attractive beach and cove, one of the finest in Cornwall, deep set and surrounded by rocks at low tide.

Summer visit photo gallery

A spring visit photo


Catherine’s affinity for the beach.


Denis and the release of the sea.


By the water at Trevone Bay on a low tide.

Season: spring

An early morning visit to the beach at Trevone Bay is always a treat, especially at low tide.  On this occasion the black rocks by the water’s edge gleamed in the ebb tide and there was a fine view across to Trevose Head lighthouse.  If you take the time to study the rocks by the beach on such a low tide, you see them in their topographic context and you can imagine yourself diving among them under the water.  This beach is one in a string of popular North Coast of Cornwall beaches to the west of Stepper Point and the River Camel.  There are fine beaches in the other direction too.

Spring visit photo gallery


The appeal of Trevone Bay for Richard.


A view from the back of the beach at low tide.

Season: summer

Summer sunshine had attracted visitors to this beautiful beach, enjoying some leisure time under azure blue skies.  The tide was coming in and the rocks on the shore glistened under the bright sun as each wave fell back.  The beach is well protected by the RNLI crew, who man a cabin at the top of the beach.  This part of North Cornwall boasts many exquisite beaches, with Mother Ivy’s, Harlyn Bay and Constantine Bay all close by.  Trevone is also well placed for trips to nearby Padstow, itself a great visitor destination.

Summer visit photo gallery


The beach as relaxation for David, either here or at home in Devon.


A summer day at Trevone Bay.

Season: autumn

Trevone beach was predictably empty and mothballed on this off-season visit.  This village has one of the highest percentages of second homes in Cornwall.  These houses are generally not let out to other visitors, as their owners are affluent.  I didn’t expect to find someone to talk to, so here are just two short films of a very pretty cove and beach.  There are no facilities except in July and August, when there are plenty.


Trevone Bay and the beach with crashing surf.


Here’s another view of a beautiful bay and beach off-season.

2 thoughts on “Trevone beach

  1. Ali

    Exhilarating, energising, salty sea air, waves crashing or gently lapping the beach, lying on the beach, digging your toes into the sand, or letting the sugar sand cascade through your fingers, standing on the smoothed rocks in bare feet hunting for creatures in the rock pools, spotting seals below the Round Hole, the sun dancing on your eyelashes as it sets into the sea, the feeling that Trevone has been there forever, and will be in the future, and I am so happy to have shared my life with such a wonderful place.

  2. Kath Mulligan

    Love your films, watch them every day to get a small fix of Cornwall up here in Derbyshire. My daughters and I were the only people on Trevone Bay beach in November 2010 in horizontal rain and very strong winds watching some spectacular waves breaking up and over the rocks at the entrance to the bay. It was truly awe inspiring. I love my beaches to be deserted so that I can feel at one with nature, hate it when they’re crowded in mid summer, so always try to visit in the quieter months.


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