Towan beach

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover Easter weekens and May 4 - September 29 Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: winter

On a cold and blustery morning in December, Towan beach in Newquay was surprisingly sheltered, protected from the prevailing south westerly wind by the harbour and Towan Head.   Newquay has all the facilities you might want, close at hand.


The Blue Reef Aquarium curator, Matt, explains the aquarium’s inter-dependence with the beach and the water from the sea.


The beach, as seen from Newquay’s harbour.


The tide was dropping towards low tide, giving a clear view of The Island in the middle of the beach, with its house on top and its bridge.

Season: winter

The tide was low and the sun had come out.  Behind the beach, the destruction that the recent storms had brought upon this place was clear to see, with the sea wall ripped apart, next to the Blue Reef Aquarium.  This was a calm time between the storms though, as weekending beach goers enjoyed the magnificent surf and a view of some neighbouring Newquay beaches and the harbour.

Winter visit photo gallery


The importance of the beach to Cesar.


The sun is out at Towan beach.

Season: autumn

Newquay is a fun place and makes no bones about it.  Just put some Carl Perkins on your music machine and gaze down the bonnet of the car, as you roll into town.  You know that you’re going to meet people from far and wide on the beach here, such is the popularity of the town and the wide choice of beaches.  On a low tide like this, you can walk seamlessly between at least three of them among the weekenders, enjoying being on the beach.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The inspiration that Ela draws from the beach.


Meddwl Ela ar lan y Môr.


A weekend scene by the water’s edge at Towan beach in Newquay at low tide.

Season: summer

The wild winds continued, coinciding with a high tide to create a storm-tossed sea, cascading in against the town beach’s defences.  The house on the island suddenly looked vulnerable, rather than glamorous.  Apparently solid constructions, set against the sea, are like matchwood in the face of the elements.

Summer visit photo gallery


Almost high tide, at Towan beach in Newquay.


Jonas, about to go in for a swim.

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