Tolcarne beach

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View map of beach Toilets available South West Coast Path Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover May 18 - September 29 Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: summer

Bright sunshine over Tolcarne beach started the day, for this summer re-visit.  The immaculate beach was being laid out with temporary sports courts, the sand glistening under an ebb tide.  Newquay Harbour, the Atlantic Hotel and Towan Head were as clear as you could wish for, looking out from this fine town beach.

Summer visit photo gallery


Pam and Bill’s eulogy to Tolcarne beach.


On the waterline, at Tolcarne beach.

Season: spring

The sea was an hour or so short of high tide at Tolcarne beach, so there was still some space between the waterline and the beach huts.  This town beach has outstanding views across to Towan Head and Newquay harbour, plus it’s flat, sheltered and safe for bathing and surfing.  You’ve got all you need, with full facilities, at the beach itself, plus you can easily get into Newquay as well.

Spring visit photo


Pepe sums up the appeal of the beach to him.


Tolcarne beach in Newquay, from halfway down the steps.

Season: winter

It was a bright, cold morning for my February return to Tolcarne beach in Newquay.  Defined by what you can see from it, the beach nevertheless felt tranquil and welcoming in its own right.  Some students were on their way to take an exam in a building by the beach.

Winter visit photo


The view from Tolcarne beach in Newquay.

Season: autumn

Tolcarne is the least publicised of the Newquay beaches, perhaps because of the steep steps by which the beach is accessed from above, on all but a low tide.  As a result, some locals use the beach for bass fishing, guaranteed peace and quiet at this time of the year.  I liked the views across to the harbour at Newquay and further on to the Hewer’s Hut and the old lifeboat house.  Facilities vary through the seasons, full on in the summer.


A chat with a bass fisherman, enjoying the tranquility afforded by Tolcarne, early in the morning.


A great view across the bay to Towan Head on a sunny morning, from the waterline at Tolcarne beach.


The view from above Tolcarne beach.

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  1. Kelly

    It’s the place I call home and it’s been my favourite place for my whole life, even when I didn’t live near it! I knew I would live close to the beach one day and the past 15 years in Newquay have been unforgettable, because of the beach. It inspires me and my husband.


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