Porth beach

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover Easter weekend and May 21 - September 5 Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: summer

Porth beach, located just to the east of Newquay on Cornwall’s north coast, is long and flat.  At low tide it’s a surprisingly wide expanse of sand.  As the tide turns, the sea moves quickly over the flat sand in a tidal race before it slows down for the wider section of the higher beach.  It was exhilarating to witness this from low tide.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Paul.


Low tide at Porth beach in the morning.

Season: winter

A wild wind whipped up the sea, looking down from the island next to Porth beach on a low tide.  The deep, narrow beach was fully exposed, leading back to the coast road which heads north east out of Newquay.  It was mild enough to sit on the sand with interviewee Laura with her children and dog.  The low tide brought the jagged cliffs into view, stark against the driving Atlantic swell and breakers.

Winter visit photo gallery


Laura’s family values at the beach.

2 thoughts on “Porth beach

  1. Katy

    We live opposite the beach, so it is part of our daily lives; the changing weather is fascinating and the views and sunsets are awesome.

  2. Sara

    The beach means sand and sea, smiling children, seagulls, lots of dogs. It makes me feel invigorated and my soul lifted.


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