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Season: winter

On this re-visit I was confronted by the aftermath of the previous evening’s storms.  Tiles were dislodged from the roof of the fish cellars and the storm boards on the RNLI station had been destroyed.  As the clean-up work continued, the sun promised a fine day ahead, the calm after the storm.

Winter visit photo gallery


Byron describes the storm damage at Port Isaac.

Trentinney Farm


The scene on the beach at low tide.

Animal Aunts

Season: autumn

A protective harbour wall divides the village of Port Isaac and its harbour from the Atlantic Ocean, which can be a wild place.  My interviewee David works on the fishing boat you can see in the scene setting film below.  Her skipper, Julian, was interviewed in an earlier visit, also on this page.  A long tradition of fishing out of Port Isaac is part of the fabric of the village.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The beach as a way to the sea.


By the waterline at Port Isaac, on a high tide.

Season: summer

At the height of summer, an evening visit to Port Isaac coincided with a high tide in the fishing village.  Prior to the school holidays, there was a relaxed atmosphere to complement the bright sunshine.  With the sea lapping against the slipway and the boats safely moored, this was a picture of tranquility.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Brian and Celia, above the harbour at Port Isaac.


The beautiful harbour at Port Isaac, on a full tide.

Season: winter

Port Isaac is an iconic Cornish fishing village.  My visit makes up the first part of the manonabeach “Port…”  trilogy of visits, the other two trips to follow later this week.  This popular visitor attraction was peaceful out of season, allowing me plenty of space on the beach and the chance to chat to local fisherman, Julian, who explained the dynamics of the fishing market and the importance of Port Isaac to him and his family, over many years.


With fisherman Julian, on board his boat in the harbour.


A happy visitor to Port Isaac, enjoying the peace and quiet on a Sunday morning.


The beach at Port Isaac, seen from above.

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  1. Kris

    Thanks so much for your videos. I visited Port Isaac in June, 2015, but I now have a different perspective of this idyllic little place. I’m writing a book series based on the Doc Martin television series and these vignettes were really helpful in getting a feel for how the locals see the village and harbour. All royalties from the sales of these books help to support TheHorseCourse in Dorset. So thank you for your “contribution” to this cause. The folks at TheHorseCourse do wonderful work with children with disabilities and those recovering from the effects of abuse and neglect. So glad you did this!


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