Polzeath beach

Beach facilities

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path SSSI Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover Easter weekend and May 4 - September 29 Beach cleaned daily during the summer Blue Flag award

Season: summer

The car parks and beach were crowded by 9.30 a.m.on this holiday weekend.  Warm sunshine lit my way down to the waterline, at low tide.  Although it’s an enormously popular beach, at low tide there are always nooks and crannies, that enable you to hide away from the crowds.  Children played in the rock pools, watched over by parents in deck chairs.  The surf was clean and many people were already in among the waves.  Holiday time had arrived in North Cornwall.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Nichola, at the top of Polzeath beach.



Vicks and Louise explain what the beach means to them.


At the waterline, looking at the fine Polzeath surf.

Season: autumn

Bright sunshine combined with a low tide to showcase a picture perfect beach at Polzeath for this re-visit.  There was a great view of the beach from the higher ground at New Polzeath, with a backdrop of Greenaway, the Doom Bar, the Camel Estuary and Stepper Point.  This iconic beach pulls visitors back every year, or more often, as Bruce and Pauline testify, below:

Autumn visit photo gallery


Bruce and Pauline explain the permanent reference point that Polzeath beach provides for them.


A view of the beach at low tide, from New Polzeath.

Season: winter

I dropped onto the beach below Greenaway for this re-visit, at the Polzeath end of a beautiful walk to Daymer Bay.  It was Christmas time and a bright, low sun lit the way, with an electric blue sky above.  Locals and visitors scoured the beach for pebbles and shells, while I chatted to a who sheltered behind a rock in an idyllic setting, as their children played nearby.  Highly recommended.

Winter season photo gallery


Llyr and Sarah relax on the beach.


The beach below Greenaway, by Polzeath.

Season: winter

Polzeath looked magificent, on a falling tide.  This beach is an iconic Cornish tourist destination, claiming the best surf in the county.  Although it was a weekend visit, the village and beach were quite quiet and the offshore breeze was chilly.  The village has bars, restaurants, shops, a church and cafes, all next to the beach, as well as ample parking.

Winter visit photo


Two young beach goers, with different interpretations of the beach.


Polzeath beach, in the winter sunshine of North Cornwall.

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