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View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path SSSI Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover May 18 - September 29 Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: winter

The frosted sand crunched under my feet on an icy visit to Perranporth in February.  The sky was azure blue and the tide was out, showcasing this fine beach, with small, clean breakers at the water’s edge.  Although it was cold, the air was still and I enjoyed a chat with two horse riders on the beach.

Winter visit photo


With Janie and Belinda, on the sand at Perranporth beach.

Season: autumn

A wistful, winter sky was the highlight of this early morning visit.  Colours fused between the sea and sky on the horizon, subtle whites, greys and blues, with red and black flecks.  At dawn, the sky seemed to wrap itself around the beach to make a self-contained place, without the sharp distinction between the parts that the brighter, daylight sun would bring, later in the day.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Carol takes this beach with her, wherever she goes.


A dawn scene at the expansive Perranporth beach.

Season: spring

A low tide combined with a sea mist to produce an atmospheric scene.  As the sun began to burn off the mist, the sky was reflected in the sand on the ebb tide.  Regulars and visitors mingled in the acres of space here, with a walk to the end of the beach taking a good half hour.  At times like this, Perranporth is one of the finest beaches to visit in the county.

Spring visit photo gallery


Nigel would be here anyway, even without his hobby.

Season: autumn

One of Cornwall’s most popular beaches, Perranporth has plenty of beach-side parking and all the facilities that you might need.  It’s a large, dangerous North Coast beach, often featured in beach rescue programmes on TV.   This is a great beach to visit for both natural beauty and sociable action.


The rip tides and shifting sand had attracted a joint Plymouth University / RNLI team to investigate sand movement.  Here is Tim Scott from the university research team.


The apparatus set up by Plymouth University to test the movement of sand during tidal change on Perranporth beach .

3 thoughts on “Perranporth beach

  1. Hannah

    The beach means Sun, Sea and Surf. Golden beaches and Family Fun. BBQs as the sun sets on the horizon, ending with a long walk on the beach with the dog – Great Memories!

  2. Mel

    The beach means lots of great memories for me; annual holidays to Widemouth Bay as a nipper (fondly known as Big Gob Bay by our family), in school summer holidays my Mum would drop my friend and I down to Crantock beach every day for sun, sea and a burger at the Bowgie – heaven, as a sulky A-level student I would look moodily out to sea at Perranporth and then live it up at the Watering Hole in the evenings, uni and my first few years of working life took me inland but I loved coming home with friends to show them the joys of sunny Cornwall – they always loved it. As soon as I had the opportunity I returned and I now have the pleasure of visiting loads of different beaches which I never knew existed. Hoorah for Cornish beaches, what a lucky lot we are …


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